House of L. Albucius Celsus Reg. V.2.i

House of L. Albucius Celsus Reg. V.2.i: Plan

To walk through specific rooms or regions of the House of L. Albucius Celsus Reg. V.2.i, click on a room or region in the plan.

N.B.: Not all rooms on this plan have corresponding images. Please consult the list of available views underneath the plan to be sure you have seen all there is to see.

Camera and Antechamber Second Camera Exedra First Camera Tetrastyle Oecus Peristyle Conclave Tablinum Atrium Facade

(A') facade | (A) atrium | (A'') Conclave | (C) Tablinum | (D) Peristyle | (E) Tetrastyle Oecus | (F') First Camera | (F'') Second Camera | (G) Exedra | (H) Camera and Antechamber |
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