C409: "Roman Art and Literature"

(Romano-Campanian Painting)

E.W. Leach TTh 1:00-2-15

II Semester 2001 BH 217


Reports and Papers:

Undergraduate: 3 visual experience papers (2-4 pp.); 1 myth paper

Graduate: 3 visual experience papers (3-5 pp.); 1 problem paper

Everyone: midsemester slide examination

Graduate: reports on assigned articles

Everyone: final slide examination

Books ordered:

Ling, Roger Roman Painting

Ling, Roger Ancient Mosaics

Richardson, L. jr. Pompeii: An Architectural History

Additional Books:

*Jex-Blake/Sellars, The Elder Pliny's Chapters on the History of Art (N5610/P6/1982)

*Bianchi Bandinelli, R., Rome: The Center of Power

*Clarke, J.R., The Houses of Roman Italy 100 B. C. - A. D. 200: Ritual, Space and Decoration, Berkeley, 1992 (NA324/C57/1991)

*Lehmann, Phyllis Williams, Roman Wall Paintings from Boscotrecase in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cambridge, Mass. 1953. (ND2575/L5)

*W.T. MacDonald. The Architecture of the Roman Empire I. 2nd ed., New Haven, 1981 (NA 310.M135)

*Mau, August, Pompeii: Its Life and Art (DG70/P7/M3813/1982)

M.H. Morgan (trans.), Vitruvius: 10 Books on Architecture (this translation, as well as a Latin text can be found on www.perseus.tufts.edu. Follow instructions on the Home page to reach the text.

*J. J. Pollitt, The Art of Rome: 753 B.C.-A.D. 337: Sources and Documents(N5760/P774)

Reinach, Adolphe, Recueil Milliet: Textes Grecs et Latins rélatifs à l'histoire de la peinture ancienne

*Zanker, Paul, The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus (N5760/Z36/1988)

Image Sources: (Books * are on reserve and contain colored illustrations.

*Anderson, Maxwell, 1987. "Pompeian Frescoes in the Metropolitan Museum of Art", Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin: 3-56. Also in journal stacks: N610/A21/n.s.45)

Baldassarre, Ida. 1990-1996. Pompei: pitture e mosaici. Vols I-IX. Rome.

*von Blanckenhagen, P.H. 1990. The Augustan Villa at Boscotrecase 2nd ed. with contributions by Joan R Mertens and C. Faltermeier, Mainz.

*Dunbabin, K. 1978. The Roman Mosaics of North Africa: Studies in Iconography and Patronage Oxford.

Dunbabin, Katherine 1999, Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World Cambridge.

*Jashemski, Wilhelmina 1979. The Gardens of Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Villas Destroyed by Vesuvius. New Rochelle, New York.

*Jashemski, Wilhelmina 1993. The Gardens of Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Villas Destroyed by Vesuvius. Vol. II. New Rochelle, New York.

Laidlaw, Laura Anne, The First Style in Pompeii: Architecture and Painting, Rome, 1985.

*Pace, Claire, "Pietro Santi Bartoli's Drawings after Ancient Roman Paintings in the

Tomb of the Nasonii," in B.Andreae, ed. La Tomba sei Nasonii: gli Acquarelli a Glasgow (Forma Urbis 5(2000) Rome. La peinture de Pompei: témoinges de l'art romain dans le zone ensevelie par Vesuve en 79 ap. J.-C. 2 vols. Paris.


Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward. The Last Days of Pompeii

Davis, Lindsey. Shadows in Bronze

Additional Resource:

The course web-site, accessible from the Classics dept. Home Page, contains plans and photographs of decorations from .. Pompeian houses. These are to be used for paper assignments, and viewed as announced in the Readings section of the syllabus.



9-11 January: Social significance of painting: examples from Etruria and Lucania;

The Roman House as a Context for Painting


16-18 January: Pompeian Decoration from Samnites to Sulla;

Major Workshops of the Pompeian Second Style I: "The Porticus Style"

Early Mosaics


23-25 January: Major Workshops of the Pompeian Second Style II:

"The Stage Front Style and Second Style Megalographies (Villa of the Mysteries etc.)


30 January-1 February: From Second Style to Third: The Picture Gallery Room and Augustan Culture



6-8 February: Luxury: real and simulated:

Imperial Pleasure Palaces from Caligula to Nero

Problems of Third/Fourth Style Chronology.


13-15 February: Pompeian Fourth Style:

The Via di Mercurio Neighborhood;

Magistrates of the 70's and their Houses.


20-22 February: Images and Spectacles

Villas, Gardens, Theaters and Ampitheaters


27 February-1 March: Post-Pompeian Decorations in Rome, Ostia and the Provinces.



6-8 March Landscapes: The Palestrina Mosaic;

Sacral-idyllic landscapes; Villa landscapes

Midsemester Examination

SPRING BREAK: 9-19 March

WEEK 10:

20-22 March: Mythological Landscapes I: The Odyssey Frieze and Continuous Narrative

WEEK 11:

27-29 March: Mythological Landscapes II: Popular Third Style Subjects

WEEK 12:

3-5 April: Mythological Landscapes III: Pictorial Ensembles in the Third Style

Fourth Style Mythology; Mythology in Mosaics


WEEK 13:

10-12 April: Fourth Style Mythology: Painters, Workshops and The Question of "Greek Originals"; Philostratus and Literary Viewing

WEEK 14:

17 April: The Discovery of the Golden House and its Importance to Renaissance Decoration.

Seventeenth Century Discoveries and Descriptions

19 April: No Class


WEEK 15:

24-26 April: The History of Campanian Excavation; Publishing Pompeii: The Development of the Museo Borbonico, Le antichità di Ercolano and the Influence of Pompeii in European Art




Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, Introduction and Chapter 1.; A.G. McKay, 1974. Chapter II. "Italian Town Houses"; L. Richardson, 1988. Appendix II: "The development of the Pompeian House", pp. 382-400.

Suggested Graduate Reading: Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew. 1988."The Social Structure of the Roman House," PBSR 56(1988): 43-97. E.W. Leach "Oecus on Ibycus: Investigating the Vocabulary of the Roman House," in R. Jones and S. Bon, ed. Sequence and Space in Pompeii, Oxford, 1997, 50-72.

Pictures: Vallet 42-44


Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, Chapter 2, pp.12-22; Chapter 10; Ling AM, Chapters 2-3; Clarke, pp. 79-93.

Source Reading: Vitruvius De Architectura 7.5.1-7 (Perseus website or Pollitt, pp. 127-12; Pliny, NH 36.48-50; 36. 109-110 (Pollitt,pp. 81-84).

Suggested Graduate Reading: Bruno, V.J. 1969. "Antecedents of the Pompeian First Style," AJA 73: 305-315. Varro. De Re Rustica, Book 3. 2.3-2.17; Book 3. 5.8-5.18; Plutarch, "Life of Lucullus 33-43 (39 is in Pollitt, p. 83); Dawson, 1944, Chapters 1-2; Barbet, 1984, Chapters 1 and 2, pp. 1-80; P.W. Lehmann. Roman Wall Paintings from Boscoreale in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cambridge, Mass. 1953, Chapter 3. pp. 82-13;

Pictures: Anderson; Vallet 105-121; website "House of the Faun"; House of L. Albucius Celsus & "Casa del Cenacolo"; "House of the Labryrinth"


TOPIC: Stage Front Paintings:

Source Reading: Vitruvius. 7. 5. 1-5; 5. 6. 6-9

Pliny. NH 36. 4-8; 36. 113-115 (Pollitt, pp. 80-85.).

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp.23-31; Maxwell Anderson, 1988 "Boscotrecase"; Clarke, pp. 94-123; Davis, Chs. 49-53.

Suggested Reading: A.M.G. Little. "A Roman Sourcebook for the Stage," AJA 60(1956): 27 ff.Carettoni. 163; Winkes 1973. pp. 927-944.

TOPIC: Second Style Megalographies

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 101-107; Anderson 1987;

Suggested Graduate Reading: Lehmann. 1953. Chapter 2. pp. 23-81; Sauron. 1984; Andreae 1975:

Pictures: Anderson; Vallet 148-155; website, "Villa Oplontis; website C414: Domestic interiors, Villa of the Papyri.


Source Reading: Vitruvius. 7. 5. 1-7; Cicero. Selections from the Letters concerning art collecting (Pollitt, pp. 76-79)

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, Chapter 3, pp 31-51; Chapter 4, pp. 51-57; Clarke, pp. 125-144; Richardson, L. 1988, Chapter 15, pp. 221-241; von Blanckenhagen 1962 or 1990, Introduction and Ch. I. pp. 9-16; Ch. 3. pp. 38-51;

Suggested Theoretical Reading: Bryson 1990, Chapter 1

Suggested Graduate Reading: Carretoni 1983; Simon 1986, pp. 182-194; van Buren 1938, pp. 70-81.

Bastet/ De Vos.,1979. Sections I-IV. pp. 1-35; Schefold. 1972. Chapter 1. Sections 2-4: La maison comme pinacothéque, comme sanctuaire, comme musèon". pp. 50-78.

Pictures: von Blanckenhagen 1990; website: House of L. Ceius Secondus


Source Reading: Selections from Tacitus, Suetonius, Pliny in

Pollitt. pp. 140-148.

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 57-70; Clarke, pp. 165-193; W.T. MacDonald. The Architecture of the Roman Empire I. 2nd ed., New Haven, 1981,Chapter 2. "Nero's

Palaces". pp. 20-46;

Suggested Graduate Reading: Elsner, 1994, Chapter 7; La Rocca 1986. pp. ??; Stroka 1988; Dacos. 1968; Bastet. 1971; 1972; Peters. 1982a; Moorman 1986.

website C414: Domestic interiors: House of M. Lucretius Fronto; House of the Vettii


TOPIC: Pompeian Fourth Style

Assigned Reading: Mau. 1904. Chs. 54-55. pp. 456-484; Ling, RP, Chapter 5, pp. 71-100; Clarke, pp. 208-233; Bulwer-Lytton, Chapter 3.

Suggested Reading in Social History: Jongman "The Dimension of Social Inequality," pp. 207-273; Wallace-Hadrill 1995, "Honor and Pleasure in the City,"

Suggested Graduate Reading: Archer 1990; Allison, 1994b; Beyen. 1951; Picard 1977a; Bardon. 1962: pp. 732-738; Peters. 1982b;

Pictures: Vallet 53-70; website: House of the Dioscuri; House of C. Julius Polybius.


Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 149-153; Ling AM, Chapter 6; Jashemski. 1979. Chapter 2. "Ornamental Gardens," pp. 25-54; Chapter 3. "The Garden Paintings," pp. 55-87; Kandoleon, "Signs of Privilege and Pleasure: Roman Domestic Mosaics," in Gazda, 1991, pp.105-115.

Suggested Graduate Reading: Zanker. 1979. pp. 460-523. Andreae 1993; Jashemski. 1979. Chapter 4. "Life in the Garden", pp. 88-113; Chapter 16. "The Gardens in the Villa at Torre Annunziata," pp. 289-314; 1994, Appendix II: "The Garden Paintings".

Pictures: Vallet 10-11; 23-31; 162-164; Jashemski 1994


TOPIC: Post Pompeian Painting:

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, Chapters 8 and 9; Clarke, pp. 267-319.

Suggested Graduate Reading: Joyce, 1983;



TOPIC: The Palestrina Mosaic

Source Reading: Pliny NH 36.189 (Pollitt. p. 107)

Assigned Reading: Whitehouse. 1976. pp. 1-10.

Suggested Reading: Phillips. 1972. (on microfilm).

TOPIC: Sacral-idyllic landscape

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 142-149; von Blanckenhagen. 1962. pp. 18-37;Bianchi Bandinelli, 1970. pp. 185-194 (about the Ara Pacis)

Suggested Graduate Reading: Brendel 1980. pp. 162-195; Silberberg-Pierce. 1981. pp. 1-24; Dilthey. 1876. pp. 294-314; Carettoni: 1963. pp. 189-199 Picard-Schmitter. 1971. pp. 43-88;

TOPIC: Villa Landscapes:

Source Reading: Pliny NH 35. 116-117 (Pollitt. pp. 115-116); Pliny Letters 2.17; 5.6; Statius Silvae 1.3 and 2.1)

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, . 1978: 1-16; McKay. 1974. Chapter 5. pp. 100-135

Suggested Graduate Reading: Rostovstev. 1904: 103-126;

WEEK 10:

TOPIC: The Odyssey Landscapes (plates in Die Kunstsammlungen der Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Rom. 1969.)

Source Reading: Homer. Odyssey Books 10-11

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 107-111; Von Blanckenhagen. 1963: 100-146.

TOPIC: Continuous Narrative

Source Reading: Ovid, Metamorphoses 3. 138-252;

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 111-117; von Blanckenhagen. 1957. pp. 78-83.

WEEK 11:

TOPIC Popular Third Style Subjects:

Source Reading: Theocritus, Idyll 11; Ovid Metamorphoses 3. 138-252; 8. 153-259; Manilius 5. 538-621

Assigned Reading: von Blanckenhagen, 1963 or 1990, pp. 28-49; von Blanckenhagen. 1969. pp. 106=143

Suggested Graduate Reading: Dawson. 1944. Chapter 4. pp. 116-179

TOPIC: Third Style Ensembles:

Source Reading: Petronius. Satiricon

Assigned Reading: Thomson. 1961: pp. 36-77;

Suggested Graduate Reading: Klein. 1919. pp. 268-295; Schefold. 1971. Chapter 2. Section 4; Gros. 1980: pp. 353-366

WEEK 12:

TOPIC: Fourth Style Paintings and Programs:

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 117-128; Ling AM, Chapter 4; Mau 1907. Chapters 40. "The House of the Tragic Poet." Chapter 41. "The House of the Vettii."

Theoretical Reading: Elsner 1995. Chapter 1, pp. 49-70.

Suggested Graduate Reading: Wirth 1983; McNally, 1985; Jean Marc Moret. 1975. Chapter 14.pp. 283 ff. "Concerning Greek Iconography and Roman Painting; Schefold. Chapter 2. Sect 5. "L'époque de Claude et de Néron". pp. 162-199;

Chapter 2. Sect. 6. "L'époque de Vespasien,"pp. 200-221; Elsner 1996.

Pictures: website: House of the Vettii; House of M. Lucretius

WEEK 13:

TOPIC: Fourth Style Originals and Copies:

Assigned Reading: Ling, RP, pp. 128-144; Chapter 11; Bianchi Bandinelli. pp. 110-116

Source Reading: Philostratus Imagines.

Theoretical Reading: Bryson 1994. Elsner 1995, Chapter 1, pp. 21-39.

Suggested Graduate Reading: Anderson, 1985; Richardson. 1955. Chapter 4. pp. 111-160; Gury 1986; Rodenwalt.1909. pp. Laslo. 1935. pp. 368-441; Richardson 2000

WEEK 14:

Assigned Reading: Gombrich, The Sense of Order, Chapter 10, "The Edge of Chaos,"

Suggested Graduate Reading: Dacos 1969

WEEK 15:

Assigned Reading: Kraus/van Matt. Pompeian Life and Art, Chapter 1.Winckelmann. Vol. 3. pp. 86-104.

Mau. 1899. Chapter 1; Ramage, 1992; Praz, 1969. "The Antiquities of Herculaneum".

Suggested Graduate Reading: Parslow 1995, Chapter 1; Winckelmann, Vol. 3, pp. 156-174; Vol. 4, pp. 290-326; Beard, The Work of Robert Adam