League Commission and Committee System


Permanent Advisory Commissions

Committee on Intellectual Co-operation


  • Advisory Committee on League of Nations Teaching

  • Advisory Committee on the Teaching of the Principles and Facts of Intellectual Co-operation

  • Chinese Committee on Intellectual Cooperation

  • Committee on Arts and Letters

  • Committee of Directors of Higher Education

  • Committee of Expert Archivists

  • Committee of Library Experts

  • Committee on Intellectual Rights

  • Committee of Scientific Advisers

  • Committee for the Scientific Study of International Relations
  • Committee on Moral Disarmament
  • Committee on the Representatives of International Students' Organizations
  • Directors' Committee of the International Museums Office
  • Directors' Committee of the Institutes of Archaeology and of the History of Art
  • General Students' Press Committee
  • International Commission on Historical Monuments
  • International Committee for Folk Arts
  • International Committee for the Publication of Annual Tables of Constants and Numerical Data
  • International Studies Committee
  • Permanent Committee of Arts and Letters Meetings
  • Publication Committee for the Ibero-American Collection
  • Publication Committee for the Japanese Collection
  • Sub-Committee on Bibliography and Science
  • Sub-Committee of Experts on the Instruction of Youth
  • Sub-Committee on University Relations


Advisory Commission for Military, Naval and Air Questions

  • Air Sub-Commission
  • Military Sub-Commission
  • Naval Sub-Commission


Advisory Committee on Traffic in Opium

  • Agenda Subcommittee

  • Subcommittee for the Application of Chapter IV of the Hague Convention

  • Subcommittee of Experts to Draw up the List of Drugs and Preparations Coming Under Cover

  • Subcommittee on Seizures
  • Subcommittee to Study Questions in regard to Indian Hemp and Indian Hemp Drugs


Committee for the Protection of Children and Young Persons

  • Child Welfare Committee
  • Social Questions Section of the Secretariat
  • Traffic in Women and Children Committee


Commission of Inquiry for European Union

  • Committee on Credit Problems
  • Committee of Economic Experts
  • Committee to Study the Problem of the Export of Future Harvest Surpluses of Cereals
  • Co-ordination Sub-Committee on Economic Questions
  • Meeting of Tobacco Experts
  • Organization Committee
  • Special Committee to study the Extension of a System of Special Facilities to Agricultural Products other than Cereals.
  • Special Committee to study a Pact of Economic Non-aggression
  • Sub-Committee on Agricultural Credit
  • Sub-Committee for the Examination of Financial Questions
  • Sub-Committee on Industrial Relations
  • Unemployment Committee


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