League Commission and Committee System


Technical Organizations

Organizations for Communications and Transit


  • Advisory and Technical Committee

  • Budgetary Subcommittee

  • Committee on Air Navigation

  • Committee of Inquiry into Questions of Public Works and National Equipment

  • Committee on Statistics of Inland Navigation

  • Committee for the Unification of Transport Statistics

  • Permanent Committee for Electric Questions

  • Permanent Committee for Inland Navigation

  • Permanent Committee for Ports and Maritime Navigation
  • Permanent Committee on Road Traffic
  • Permanent Committee for Transport by Rail
  • Permanent Legal Committee
  • Special Committee of Inquiry into Reform of the Calendar
  • Special Committee of Telegraphic and Press Experts
  • Technical Committee for Maritime Tonnage Measurement
  • The Straits Commission


Economic and Financial Organization

  • Committee of Statistical Experts
  • Consultative Committee
  • Economic Committee
  • Economic Relations Section of the Secretariat
  • Financial Committee
  • Fiscal Committee
  • Greco-Bulgarian Mixed Emigration Commission
  • International Dairy Council
  • Organizing Committee of the Monetary and Economic Conference
  • Wheat Advisory Committee

Health Organization

  • Advisory Committee of the Eastern Bureau

  • Advisory Committee on the Enquiry into the Radiological Treatment of Cancer of the Uterus

  • Cancer Commission

  • Commission on Education in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine

  • Commission of Expert Statisticians

  • Commission on Housing

  • Commission on Standardization of Sera, Serological Reactions and Biological Products

  • Committee on Physical Education

  • Epidemic Commission

  • Expert Commission on Infant Welfare

  • Expert Commission on Plague

  • Expert Commission on Sleeping Sickness and Tuberculosis in Equatorial Africa

  • Experts on Syphilis

  • General Advisory Health Council

  • Health Committee

  • Joint Commission of Experts on Health Insurance
  • Leprosy Commission
  • Malaria Commission
  • Opium Commission
  • Permanent Commission on Biological Standardization
  • Permanent Health Organization
  • Smallpox and Vaccination Commission
  • Technical Commission on Nutrition


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