Project Credits

This web site is a joint effort of the League of Nations Archives and the Center for the Study of Global Change and the Indiana University Libraries. Below is a list of the individuals responsible for the creation of this digital collection and web site.

Project Directors 
Robert Goehlert
Jian Liu

Web Designer
Katherine M. Gold

Project Historian
Kenneth Steuer

Project Bibliographer
Fenton Martin

Imaging Technicians
Jian Liu
Kris Bell
Sarah J. Hammill

Research Assistants
Kris Bell
Sarah J. Hammill
Rachel Justis
Jeff Graf
Eric Bodwell
Amanda Goehlert



The League of Nations Digitization Project was generously supported by the U.S. Department of Education through an International Studies Title VI Grant. We would like to thank the Department of Education for their assistance in the development of the League of Nations Photo Archive.

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