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Indexes and Journals

    American: History and Life
    Historical Abstracts
    Humanities Index
    Index to Legal Periodicals
    International Political Science Abstracts
    PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) International
    Readerís Guide to Periodical Literature
    Social Sciences Citation Index
    Social Sciences Index
    Writings on American History

    The Public Affairs Information Service, Readerís Guide to Periodical Literature, Social Sciences Index, and Humanities Index were examined for citations to the League of Nations. The following journals include numerous citations.

    American Federationist
    American Journal of International Law
    American Political Science Review
    Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences
    Asiatic Review
    Atlantic Monthly
    Bulletin of International News
    Bulletin of the Pan American Union
    Catholic World
    China Weekly Review
    Chinese Nation
    Christian Century
    Contemporary Review
    Current History
    Current History Magazine
    Current Opinion
    Department of State Bulletin
    English Review
    Far Eastern Review
    Foreign Affairs
    Foreign Policy Reports
    Great Britain and the East
    Hibbert Journal
    Independent and Weekly Review
    Industrial and Labour Information
    International Affairs
    International Conciliation
    International Council
    International Digest
    International Documents Service
    International Journal of Ethics
    Journal of the British Institute of International Affairs
    Journal of Social Hygiene
    Literary Digest
    Living Age
    Nation (London)
    Near East and India
    New Europe
    New Republic
    New Statesman
    New Statesman and Nation
    North American Review
    Our World
    Pacific Affairs
    Pan American Magazine
    Political Quarterly
    Political Science Quarterly
    Review of Reviews
    Round Table
    Saturday Evening Post
    Saturday Review
    Socialist Review
    Statesmanís Yearbook
    Statist: An Independent Journal of Finance and Trade
    Survey of International Affairs
    Vital Speeches
    World Peace Foundation
    World Today
    Worldís Work
    Yale Review



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