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Illustrated Album of The League of Nations



  1. The Committee of the Peace Conference which drew up the Terms of the Covenant
  2. The Adoption of the Draft Covenant by the Peace Conference
  3. Map of the World, on which all States Members of the League, the States Non-Members, the Mandated Territories, etc. are marked in different ways
  4. Assembly Day at Geneva. A typical scene, showing the flags and crowds and animation of the town on the day when the League Assembly begins its annual session.
  5. The Wilson Memorial Inscription on the Quay Wilson, Geneva
  6. The Assembly in Session
  7. M. Paul Hymans (Belgium) President of the First Assembly
  8. M. van Karnebeeck (Holland) President of the Second Assembly
  9. M. Augustin Edwards (Chile) President of the Third Assembly
  10. M. Cosme de la Torriente (Cuba) President of the Fourth Assembly
  11. M. Motta (Switzerland) President of the Fifth Assembly
  12. Palazzo Doria, Rome, where the 32nd Session of the League Council was held
  13. Le Palais d'Orsay, Paris
  14. St. James' Palace, London
  15. Council Representatives in front of the League Secretariat
  16. Palais des Academies, Brussels
  17. Campidoglio, Rome
  18. Lord Balfour, First British Representative on the Council of the League
  19. M. Leon Bourgeois, First French Representative on the Council of the League
  20. Palacio de la Diputacion, San Sebastian, where the 8th Council Meeting was held
  21. Hotel de Ville, Paris, where the 27th Council Meeting was held
  22. Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, where several meetings of the Council have been held
  23. The Seat of the League (formerly the Hotel National), containing the Secretariat and rooms for the meetings of the Council, League Committees, and special League conferences
  24. The Secretary-General, Sir Eric Drummond
  25. M. J. Avenol, Deputy Secretary-General
  26. Professor B. Attolico, Under Secretary-General
  27. Dr. Inazo Nitobe, Under Secretary-General
  28. The Library of the Secretariat
  29. The Glass-room in the Secretariat Building where Special Conferences and the biggest League Committee meetings are held
  30. Registration of Treaties. According to Article XVIII of the Covenant "every treaty or international engagement entered into... by any member of the League shall be forthwith registered with the Secretariat and shall as soon as possible be published by it... No such treaty or international engagement shall be binding until so registered."
  31. A page from the book in which registered treaties are entered. Each treaty is entered in English and in French.
  32. Peace Palace, Hague, the Seat of the Court
  33. Judges of the Court in their Robes
  34. First page of the Protocol of Signature of the Court, showing the text of the Protocol and a few of the half-hundred signatures.
  35. Ratification of the Protocol of the Court of International Justice showing the signatures of King George V, President Millerand, and King Victor Emmanuel II.
  36. Judge Loder (Dutch), The First President of the Court
  37. Judge Max Huber (Swiss), President of the Court to-day
  38. Mr. Hammarskjold (Swedish), the Registrar of the Court
  39. View of the Aaland Islands
  40. View of Vilna
  41. View of Memel
  42. Mr. Norman Davis, Chairman of the League Memel Commission
  43. View of Kattowitz in Upper Silesia
  44. View of Tirana, the Capital of Albania
  45. View of Corfu
  46. View of Mosul City
  47. The Mosul Committee
  48. The Permanent Advisory Commission on Military, Naval, and Air Armaments, meeting in the Glass Hall, or Big Committee Room, of the League Secretariat
  49. The Organisising Committee of the Arms Traffic Conference
  50. The Co-ordination Commission
  51. M. Herriot, Prime Minister of France and the French delegation to the Fifth Assembly, which adopted the so-called Geneva Peace Protocol
  52. Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, Prime Minister of Gt. Britain and the British Delegation to the Fifth Assembly, which adopted the so-called Geneva Peace Protocol
  53. M. Carton de Wiart (Belgium), President of the Traffic in Arms Conference
  54. View of Damascus (French Mandate over Syria)
  55. View of Bagdad (British Iraq Mandate)
  56. View of Jerusalem (British Palestine Mandate)
  57. View of Swakopmund (South African Mandate over South-West Africa)
  58. View of Apia (Samoa, New Zealand Mandate)
  59. A Village in the Cameroons (French Cameroons Mandate)
  60. A River in Togo (British Togoland Mandate)
  61. View of Dar-es-Salam (British E. African Mandate)
  62. Map of "A" Mandates
  63. Map of "B" and "C" Mandates in Africa
  64. Map of "C" Mandates in the Pacific
  65. View of Sarrebruck, capital of the Saar territory
  66. The Saar Governing Commission
  67. Map of the Saar Territory
  68. View of Danzig
  69. Map of Danzig Territory
  70. M. Ador (Swiss), President of the Joint Financial and Economic Commission
  71. Fall and Stabilisation of the Austrian Crown. The sudden turn came on the day the League took up the matter.
  72. Guaranteed Austrian Loan (Chart showing percentage contributed by the various States and the amount in dollars)
  73. Mgr. Seipel, Chancellor of Austria
  74. Dr. Zimmerman (Dutch), League Commissioner-General in Austria
  75. Count Bethlen
  76. Mr. Jeremiah Smith (American), League Commissioner-General in Hungary
  77. The Austrian Parliament
  78. Depreciation of the Hungarian Crown and rise in the Cost of Living
  79. The Hungarian Parliament
  80. Camp of Greek Refugees in Athens
  81. The Geneva Transit Conference
  82. Map of Europe showing International Railways
  83. Map of Europe showing International Rivers
  84. Type of "International" or "Standard" Passport recommended by the League of Nations Passport Conference held in Paris in October 1920
  85. Covoy of People infectious with typhus (Poland).
  86. Infectious people waiting conveyance to hospital
  87. The World Wide Activities of the League Health Organisation
  88. Nurses with protective masks.
  89. Disinfection apparatus in a Polish village
  90. Toilet of an infectious person
  91. First Delegates to the First Opium Conference
  92. Plenary Session of 2nd Opium Conference
  93. President and two Vice-Presidents of the second Opium Conference, M. Herluf Zahle (Danish), Mr. Sao-Ke-Sze (China), and Senor A. de Aguero y Bethancourt (Cuba)
  94. Meeting of Advisory Committee on Traffic in Women and the Protection of Children
  95. Building of the League in Aleppo for the care of Refugees
  96. Two young girls sold to a licensed house in Bagdad and delivered by the Committee
  97. Chart showing repatriation of 427,000 prisoners of war, 1920-22
  98. Dr. Fridtjof Nansen
  99. Identity card for refugees (Nansen passport)
  100. League Refugee Office in Constantinople
  101. Plenary Meeting of the Committee
  102. M. Bergson, President of the Intellectual Co-operation Committee
  103. Prof. Einstein, German member of the Intellectual Co-operation Committee

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