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International Labor Organization/Bureau International Du Travail


Conference Session Name of President Nationality of President Dates of Conference Sessions
First Session William B. Wilson United States October 29-November 29, 1919
Second Session Baron Mayor des Planches Italy June 15-July 10, 1920
Third Session Viscount Burnham Great Britain October 25-November 19, 1921
Fourth Session Viscount Burnham Great Britain October 18-November 3, 1922
Fifth Session Mineichiro Adetei Japan October 22-29, 1923
Sixth Session Hjalmar Branting Sweden June 16-July 5, 1924
Seventh Session Edouard Benes Czechoslovakia May 19-June 10, 1925
Eighth Session Mgr. W.H. Nolens The Netherlands May 26-June 5, 1926
Ninth Session Viscount Burnham Great Britain June 7-24, 1926
Tenth Session Sir Atul Chatterjee India May 25-June 16, 1927
Eleventh Session Carlos Saavedra Lamas Argentina May 30-June 16, 1928
Twelfth Session Dr. Brauns Germany May 30-June 21, 1929
Thirteenth Session Eduard Aunos Perez Spain October 10-26, 1929
Fourteenth Session Ernest Mahaim Belgium June 10-28, 1930
Fifteenth Session Francisek Sokal Poland May 28-June 18, 1931
Sixteenth Session Gideon D. Robertson Canada April 12-30, 1932
Seventeenth Session Giuseppe de Michelis Italy June 8-30, 1933
Eighteenth Session Justin Godart France June 4-23, 1934
Nineteenth Session Frederick Cresswell South Africa June 4-25, 1935




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