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Chapter I. The Origin, Nature and Growth of the League
Origins of the League
The Foundation of the League
The Nature of the League

Chapter II. The Assembly

Chapter III. The Council

Chapter IV. The Secretariat

Chapter V. The Permanent Court of International Justice

Chapter VI. The Political Activities of the League
The Aaland Islands
Upper Silesia
The Corfu Dispute
Other Political Disputes

Chapter VII. Armaments

Chapter VIII. Special Tasks: Mandates, Saar, Danzig, and Minorities
The Mandates System
The Saar Governing Commission
The Free City of Danzig
The Minorities Treaties

Chapter IX. The Economic and Financial Organisation

Chapter X. Communications and Transit

Chapter XI. The Health Organisation

Chapter XII. Traffic in Opium and Dangerous Drugs

Chapter XIII. Traffic in Women and the Protection of Children

Chapter XIV. Other Social and Humanitarian Work
Repatriation of Prisoners of War
Russian Refugees
Protection of Women and Children in the Near East
Relief of Peoples Stricken by Calamities
Obscene Publications

Chapter XV. Intellectual Co-Operation

Chapter XVI. Conclusion


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