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The League of Nations: A Pictorial Survey



  1. Woodrow Wilson
  2. The Wilson Memorial Inscription before the Seat of the League on the Quay Wilson, Geneva
  3. League of Nations Commission of the Peace Conference
  4. Map of Member States
  5. Organizational Chart of the League
  6. Geneva: Home of the League
  7. M. Paul Hymans (Belgium) 1920: 49 States
  8. M. van Karnebeeck (Holland) 1921: 45 States
  9. M. Agustin Edwards (Chile) 1922: 48 States
  10. M. Cosme de la Torriente y Peraza (Cuba) 1923: 50 States
  11. M. Giuseppe Motta (Switzerland) 1924: 51 States
  12. M. Raoul Dandurand (Canada) 1925: 50 States
  13. M. Affonso Costa (Portugal) 1926: Extraordinary 48 States
  14. M. Momtchilo Nintchitch (Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes) 1926: 49 States
  15. M. A Guani (Uruguay) 1927: 49 States
  16. M. Herluf Zahle (Denmark) 1928: 50 States
  17. Plenary Meeting of the Assembly
  18. Sir Austen Chamberlain, British Empire
  19. M. A. Briand, France
  20. M. G. Stresemann, Germany
  21. M. V. Scialoja, Italy
  22. M. M. Adatci, Japan
  23. M. R. Dandurand, Canada
  24. M. E. Villegas, Chile
  25. M. de Aguaro y Bethancourt, Cuba
  26. M. H. Procope Finland
  27. M. A. Khan Foroughi, Persia
  28. M. A. Zaleski, Poland
  29. M. N. Titulesco, Roumania
  30. M. J. Quinones de Leon, Spain
  31. M. C. Zumeta, Venezuela
  32. The Secretariat Organization Chart
  33. Sir Eric Drummond, Secretary-General
  34. M. J. Avenol, Deputy Secretary-General
  35. Marquis Paulucci di Calboli Barone, Under-Secretary-General
  36. M. A. Dufour-Feronce, Under-Secretary-General
  37. M. Y. Sugimura, Under-Secretary-General
  38. Map of the 'A' Mandates in the Near East
  39. Map of the 'B' Mandates in Africa
  40. Map of the 'C' Mandates in the Pacific
  41. Count M. Gravina (Italian) High Commissioner appointed by the League Council September 21, 1928, to take office from June 22, 1929
  42. Map of Danzig Territory
  43. Map of the Saar Basin
  44. Saar Governing Commission
  45. Map of States having International Minority Obligations
  46. Treaty of Locarno, signed October 16, 1925
  47. Treaty of Friendship between Afghanistan and Persia, Teheran, 1921
  48. Number of International Treaties Registered
  49. Thirty-seven Signatories of Final Act (Passport Conference of 1926)
  50. M. G. Theunis: President of the International Economic Conference and of the Economic Consultative Committee
  51. The Economic Conference
  52. The Economic Committee
  53. More than 400 Million Dollars in Loans
  54. The Health Organization of the League of Nations
  55. Two Institutes where Researches are Centralised and Samples Deposited for use as "Controls"
  56. Interchanges of Medical Officers arranged by the Health Organization
  57. Intellectual Co-operation
  58. Professor Bergson (French), First Chairman of the International Committee (1922-1926)
  59. The late Professor Lorentz (Dutch), Second Chairman (1926-1928)
  60. Professor Gilbert Murray, Present Chairman
  61. Professor Curie-Sklodowska
  62. Professor Einstein
  63. Professor Rocco
  64. Some Disputes brought before the League
  65. Greco-Bulgarian Enquiry
  66. Mosul. General View
  67. Preparatory Commission for Disarmament
  68. Traffic in Women and Children: States which are Parties to the Conventions of 1904-10 and 1921
  69. Dr. Nansen
  70. Repatriation of Prisoners of War Under the Direction of Dr. Nansen, High Commissioner of the League of Nations
  71. Refugee Problems in Greece
  72. League Passport for Russian Refugees
  73. Repatriation of War Prisoners
  74. First Library: 117, Piccadilly, London, 1920
  75. Main Library Room in Secretariat, Geneva
  76. Press Room in the Secretariat
  77. Number of Journalists Attending Different Assemblies
  78. Pamphlets Published by the Information Section
  79. The Peace Palace at The Hague: The Seat of the Court
  80. M. Loder (Dutch) First President
  81. Prof. D. Anzilotti (Italian) President now in Office
  82. M. M. Huber (Swiss) Second President
  83. The Court in Session
  84. The International Labour Office
  85. M. Albert Thomas, Director of the International Labour Office
  86. The Governing Body, which supervises the Office and draws up the agenda of the Conference
  87. The Conference Draws up Draft Conventions and Recommendations
  88. International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation, Paris
  89. International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, Rome
  90. International Educational Cinematographic Institute, Rome
  91. Budget of the League
  92. Contribution of Each State for 1929
  93. The Cost of World Armaments for 1929 would maintain the League for 685 years

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