Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Sheakha Aldaihan Sheakha Aldaihan
Sheakha Aldaihan is a graduate student working with Dave Baxter and Roger Pynn. She is characterizing the ability of LENS to measure emission time distributions by deconvoluting the effects of proton pulse shapes on the measured time profiles. She is also working to extend our understanding of SESAME data collected on systems confined within media with periodic voids.
Dylan Evans

Dylan Evans
Dylan Evans is a graduate student working jointly with Shixiong Zhang of the Physics department and Dave Baxter at LENS. He has conducted measurements of the temperature dependence of the neutron total cross-section of D2O and will be developing a program using neutron scattering to study complex oxide materials.

Fankang Li

Fankang Li
Fankang Li is a graduate student and working in Roger Pynn's group. He is now working on the design and construction of Superconducting YBCO Wollaston Prism for Spin Encoding on SESAME (Spin Echo Small Angle Measurement).

Fang Hao

Hao Feng
Hao is a graduate student working with Roger Pynn. He is currently analyzing some reflectometry data taken with a thermo-polymer deposited on a structured surface and will likely continue with studies of soft matter using SESAME.

Bo Wang Bo Wang
Bo Wang is a condensed matter physics graduate student. He is working in Paul Sokol's group to study the microstructure and porosity of carbon dioxide storage materials via the LENS and SAXS facilities.
Tianhao Wang Tianhao Wang
Tianhao Wang is a condensed matter physics graduate student. He is working under Roger Pynn on designing a Cryogenic Super Conducting Wollaston Neutron Prism, which will introduce a spatial separation between two polarization states of a neutron.
Enzhi Xu

Enzhi Xu
Enzhi Xu is a condensed matter physics graduate student. Working in Paul Sokol's group, he is now helping to build a machine to distill helium 4 out from the mixture of helium 3 and helium 4.

Enzhi Xu

Wencao Yang
Wencao is a graduate student working with Roger Pynn and Dave Baxter. He is exploring the application of superconducting Wollaston prisms to phase contrast radiography and various neutron scattering techniques.

Past Graduate Students

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