Fonts and keyboard layout

General information

    Abbreviationes™ uses five fonts to display all the abbreviations:
Normal, Capital, Superscript, Ligature, and Special, and provides
its own keyboard layout which makes the input of new abbreviations very easy.

    The following tables show the standard Apple Keyboard for the five
fonts when the Abbreviationes keyboard layout is selected. There are
seven planes where you may find characters:

1. Normal: The characters on the second, third, and fourth planes are typed by
    using the following three modifier keys: Shift, Option, and Control
2. Shift (press the Shift key to type these characters)

3. Option (press the Option key to type these characters)

4.  Control (this plane is reserved for future use)
     The characters on the fifth, sixth, and seventh planes can be typed by
     using one of the three dead keys in combination with the characters
     on the first plane. You can, however, type them directly by using a
     combination of two out of three modifier keys: ShiftOption, Option
     Control, and ControlShift.

5. ShiftOption (press the Shift and Option keys to type these characters)

6. OptionControl (press the Option and Control keys to type these characters)

7. ControlShift (press the Control and Shift keys to type these charaters)







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Last Updated: 3/20/98
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