Chaucer: Life and Times

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. The Desk Environment


The Chaucer CD is a powerful collection of texts, commentary, images, and [ideally] sound, integrated by numerous links to form a multimedia application. The user may select from Chaucer's complete works in Middle English, compare the original with a modern translation, look at selections of the manuscripts, refer to plot summaries, or read essays analyzing his work and his world. Other highlights include a combined historical, political, social and artistic timeline of Chaucer's age, a weather-beaten map of pilgrim routes to Canterbury, and a Theme Recorder for you to compile images and texts related to a particular topic, and display them with your own comments in a later presentation.

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The Desktop Environment

Chaucer is visually organized as a large wooden desk, complete with
cubbyholes, a desktop, and a drawer with cabinets in front. Each of these houses various objects which represent the tools and texts offered by the database.

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