La critique littéraire

La critique littéraire is an extensive collection of French literary critical works published between 1788 and 1925. Texts included range from scholarly and philosophical publications to literary prefaces and articles and reviews appearing in 19th and 20th century periodicals. The database contains the criticism of de Laharpe, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, and Proust, among others.

With La critique littéraire, you can read works in their entirety, accessing them from a list according to author, title, or year of publication. You can also, of course, search the database for particular words or strings of words, limiting the search to one or several authors, works, or periods of time. (Keying control at the same time as clicking on the mouse button allows you to select multiple authors, works, or periods of time.)

Search Syntax

With Historique des Recherches you can combine searches using any of the first four Boolean operators listed above. (Nota bene: if you use an improper syntax with a combined search, the application hoses up and must be restarted.)

Search Functionality

Once the search is entered, the application generates a list of authors, with the search term's number of occurrences in each author's corpus appearing to the right of the author's name. Clicking on an author's name produces a subset of the works of that author in which the search term appears, with the number of occurrences in each work again appearing to the right of the title of each work.

Clicking on one of the works brings you to the first occurrence of the search term in that work. You can view the term in its context and click on the forward or backward arrows surrounding the term to go to the next or previous occurrence, respectively. (Clicking the back arrow on the first occurrence of a term in a given work brings you to the last occurrence of the term in the work preceding it on the grand list of authors and works that the search originally generated. Clicking on the forward arrow on its last occurrence in a given work brings you to the first occurrence in the work coming after it on that same list.) You can always return to the list generated by the original search by clicking on Retour réponse.

Other Functionalities

When you view an occurrence of the search term in the text, the application offers several options:

  1. You can access all of the works in the database by the same author as the one who wrote the text you are now looking at (Du même auteur).
  2. You can access all of the works in the database published in the year of publication of the work you are now looking at (De la même annee).

Clicking on the title of a work in the lists generated by either option brings you to the beginning of that work.

Du même auteur

Clicking on Du même auteur gives various options (which are also available when choosing initially to access the database by author):

  1. You can choose to view a list of the author's works chronologically (Liste chronologique). (The default listing is alphabetical.)
  2. You can access a brief biography of the author (Biographie).

De la même annee

Clicking on De la même annee produces a screen with, at the left side, a basic chronology of the important events of French social, political, and economic history of that year, and, at the right side, a list of all the works in the database published in that year. (This is the same layout as that given when you access the database by year.)

affichage d'un autre text

There's a problem with both of these options (Du même auteur and De la même annee): if you activate either function, then the page with the results of the initial search is lost. Retour réponse no longer brings up the results of the original search; rather it treats whatever new work has been viewed as the new result of the search. This problem can be solved by clicking affichage d'un autre text before accessing additional works from the same author or same year. This function creates another window with the results of the original search, to which you can return after tracing out a tangent with the Du même auteur or the De la même annee functions.

Printing and copying

Clicking on Imprimir gives you the option of printing the chapter you are viewing or of printing the entire work you are viewing. You can also select and copy portions of the text (using Explorer and Windows functionalities) to export to a word processor for printing.

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