The Electronic Texts and Concordances of Medieval Navarro-Aragonese Manuscripts

prepared by John Nitti and Lloyd Kasten

Texts Published by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, Ltd. Madison, Wisconsin 1997.

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Copyright, Access, and Purchase Information

All texts, concordances, and indexes are copyright ©1997 by the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, Ltd. Madison, Wisconsin.

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The Medieval Navarro-Aragonese Manuscripts are the texts and concordances of the Navarro-Aragonese manuscripts currently stored at the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies in Madison, Wisconsin. These texts have been transcribed using the quasi algebraic norms set forth in A Manual of Manuscript Transcription for the Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language, MAckenzie/Burrus, 4th edition, HSMS, Ltd., 1986 (which can be obtained by contacting HSMS Ltd).

The following texts are available in this collection, please note that all texts are referred to by an abbreviation:

Cronica de los conqueridores I : Madrid Bibliteca Nacional MS. 2211
Cronica de los conqueridores II : Madrid Bibliteca Nacional MS. 10134
Cronica de los emperadores : Madrid Bibliteca Nacional MS. 10131
Cronica general de Espana de Eugui : Escorial X.II.22: Transcribed by Aengus Ward
Eutropio; Breviarium ab urbe condita : Paris Arsenal 8324
Fueros de Aragon : Madrid Bibliteca Nacional MS. 458: Transcribed by Nancy Lea Paine
Fuero general de Navarra : Madrid Bibliteca Nacional MS. 248: Transcribed by Frank Waltman
Fuero de Navarra: Madrid Biblioteca Nacional MS 17653: Transcribed by Frank Waltman
Fuero de Navarra (version C) : Salamanca Bib. Universitaria 1947: Transcribed by Frank Waltman
Flor de las ystorias de Orient: Escorial Z.I.2
Grant cronica de Espanya I : Madrid Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10133: Corrected by Regina af Geijerstam
Grant cronica de Espanya III : Madrid Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10134
Livres dou tresor : Gerona Catedra 20-a-5: Transcribed by Dawn Prince
Viajes de Juan de Mandevilla : Escorial M.III.7: Transcribed by Juan Luis Rodriguez Bravo and Maria del mar Martinez Rodriguez
Cronica de Morea : Madrid Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10131: Transcribed by David Mackenzie
Libro de Marco Polo : Escorial Z.I.2
Fuero de la Novenera : Salamanca Bib. Universitaria 2652: Transcribed by Frank Waltman [proofed by Ivy A. Corfis]
Orosio; Historia contra los paganos : Valencia Uni. Pontificia (Patriarca) Olim Corpus Christi V-27-co
Plutarch I : Paris Bib. Nat. Esp. 70
Plutarch II : Paris Bib. Nat. Esp. 71
Plutarch III: Paris Bib. Nat. Esp. 72
Libro de actoridades (Rams de flors) : Escorial Z.I.2
Secreto secretorum : Escorial Z.I.2
Historia troyana : Madrid Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10801
Tucidides : Madrid Biblioteca Nacional MS. 10801
Cronica del tudense : Stockholm Kungliga D 1272a: Transcribed by Regina Af Geijerstam and Cynthia M. Wasick
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