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  • Black Hawk's Autobiography, Black Hawk, 1833
  • Letters and Notes on the North American Indians, in 2 volumes, George Catlin, 1842
  • Information Respecting the History, Condition, and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States (Archives of Aboriginal Knowledge), in 7 volumes, Henry Schoolcraft (ed.), 1850
  • Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes, 1812-1842, Henry Schoolcraft, 1851
  • The Indian and White Man, or, The Indian in Self-Defense, "Right Hand Thunder" (possibly a pseudonym), 1880
  • History of the Black Hawk War, J. D. Patterson, 1882
  • The Indian Sign Language, W. P. Clark, 1885
  • The Food of Certain American Indians and their Means of Preparing It, Lucien Carr, 1895
  • Indian Treaties, 1778-1883, Charles Kappler (ed.), 1904
  • Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs, Norman Wood, 1906
  • Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest, Katharine Berry Judson
  • The Indians of North America, Encyclopedia Brit. (11th Ed.), 1910
  • Aboriginal Agriculture, L.H. Bailey (ed.), 1912
  • Myths of the North American Indians, Lewis Spence, 1914
  • Miscellaneous documents, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1970
  • Indian Reservations, Commerce Department, 1974
  • Civil Rights Report, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1981
  • Guide to records in the National Archives relating to American Indians, National Archives (Edward Hill), 1981
  • Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications (related to American Indians), National Archives, 1984
  • Pamphlet from Spring 1993, Wellpinit School (Spokane Reservation), 1993

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  • Earliest (1597) map showing Cherokees
  • Ojibwa reservation map (1894)
  • AOAK Vols. 1-6
    • Location of tribes in U.S. (1852)
    • Indian "colonies" west of Missouri, Arkansas (1855)
    • Map of Oregon Territory
    • New Mexico territory (1855)
    • Ethnographic map
    • Gateways to ancient mounds
    • Ancient garden beds
    • Ancient garden beds
    • Map of ancient works
    • Sources of Miss. River (after Schoolcraft)
    • Map of Cunningham's Island, Lake Erie
    • Earth works on Cunningham's Island
    • Earth works on Cunningham's Island
    • Map of Ojibwa, etc. tribes
    • Map of Coronado's journey of 1540
    • Embankment

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  • McKenney-Hall Gallery Portraits, early 1800's
  • Karl Bodmer's paintings, 1832-34
  • George Catlin's paintings, from his Notebooks, 1832-40
  • Archives of Aboriginal Knowledge: Plates from the original American Indian encyclopedia, ca. 1850

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