Libraries were once defined by their walls.

Navigating information was far different then.

Students and faculty knew to go to the library for the information they needed. In most cases, if information wasn’t on a library shelf, it simply wasn’t available.

Our reputation is grounded in this traditional strength. Our collections, built over generations, are among the best in the country. Cherished by faculty and carefully selected by our expert librarians, they continue to grow.

But we are so much more.

An accomplished team of librarians select, manage, and grow Bloomington’s research collections, which include materials in more than 350 languages.

Supporting every academic discipline on campus, these collections include 6.9 million books, plus items ranging from manuscripts and maps to films and sound recordings. The IU academic community also has access to more than 485 databases and 32,000 electronic journals, as well as locally developed digital content.

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