a change of pace

Making the Grade

Opportunities abound for students at libraries across campus, and taking advantage of them can bring positive change, whether acing a test or simply keeping up with the world.

Undergraduates Ebony Brown, LaTroy Hampton, and Erich Reinhard are three undergraduates who value the resources of the Information Commons, one of the many spaces on campus designed to help students succeed.

Brown landed a summer internship in Paris because the IC’s technology and all-night access allowed her to assemble a last-minute application quickly. Hampton values the variety of spaces there. “It’s equipped for any kind of studying,” he says. “The library is a great hangout.”

Librarians are working with faculty to develop guidelines that will integrate national library standards in the classroom. The goal is to help students recognize when they need information, then how to successfully find, evaluate, and apply it to learn something new. We’re proud to play such a central role in this faculty-driven initiative to improve undergraduate learning.

“The IC has the resources to enable
    students to complete any task at hand—for
    me it was compiling an application for a study abroad
    program that landed me in Paris this summer.”

Ebony Brown, Senior