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Indiana History, From Print to Pixels

A steady progression of scholarship on Indiana history—more than a century’s worth of published journals—is now available on a free, searchable Web site launched by the Indiana University Digital Library Program and the Indiana Magazine of History.

Designed as a resource that will appeal to readers ranging from schoolchildren to professional historians, the new online Indiana Magazine of History offers text and images of more than 40,000 pages. The highly popular magazine, which first appeared in 1905, has been published at IU Bloomington since 1913.

The project is a prime example of how libraries and universities open their resources to the broader community. “We now reach students, scholars, and general readers across Indiana and around the world,” says editor Eric Sandweiss.

Funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services administered by the Indiana State Library supported this project.

“Placing the full run online is as
in its way as was the journal’s
   original appearance in print, over a
  century ago
. It has helped our journal to become
  a truly worldwide resource.”

Eric Sandweiss, Carmony Chair and Associate Professor, History
Editor, Indiana Magazine of History