a watershed event

Defining the Future

In a move that changes forever the way in which libraries will collaborate, a group of the nation’s leading research libraries announced in October their bold plan to create a single, comprehensive library without walls. Indiana University is a leader in this effort.

Together the libraries will archive and preserve their vast digital collections, including millions of books, in a repository called the HathiTrust. It will transform scholarship in ways not yet realized by allowing faculty and students to search online texts from many institutions.

Launched jointly by the 12-university consortium known as the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) and the 11 university libraries of the University of California system, the HathiTrust leverages the time-honored commitment to preservation and access to information that university libraries have valued for centuries.

Hathi, the Hindi word for elephant, evokes memory, wisdom, and strength.

“I benefit from browsing in the stacks,
  making unexpected connections and
  discovering works that I might never have encountered
  otherwise. I can only imagine how this will
 transform scholarship

Reyes Vila-Belda, Associate Professor,
Department of Spanish and Portuguese