Market Value of Endowment as of 6/30/08: $23,808,949
Estimated Annual Income from Endowment: $1,190,447
Total Voluntary Support: $715,648

Adomeit Endowment for Children’s Books
Adomeit Endowment for Miniature Books
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Endowment
Arpad Frederic Banda Hungarian Library Fund
Artists’ Books Endowment
Bernardo Mendel Fund
Bert Elwert Library
Endowment Fund
Bob Knight Library Fund
Class of 1948 Wells Professor Book Endowment
Class of 1954 Biology Professorship Book Endowment
E. Lingle Craig Library Fund
E. Lingle Craig Scholarship
Everett Helm Fellowship
Frank L. Jones Income Fund
Frank R. Berson Chemistry Library Fund
Friends of Lilly Library Fund
Government Information Endowment
Helen Welch Painter Children’s Collection Fund
Herbert S. & Virginia White Professional Development Award
Herman B Wells Library Endowment Fund
HPER Library Endowment
HSBC / Slocum Puzzle Curator
Jerry & Phyllis McCullough Endowment Fund
Library Angel Award
Lilly Library Acquisition Fund
Lilly Library Barr Koon
Voltaire Fund
Lilly Library Preservation Endowment
Margaret Ritchie Wylie Interpretive Endowment Fund
Mendel Visiting Fellowship & Acquisitions Fund
Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Wylie House Museum Fund
Pantzer Staff Award
Pantzer Visiting Scholar in Descriptive Bibliography
Pauline Karsch Stickell & Rebeckah Marie Stickell Memorial Fund
Philippine Heritage Collection Endowment
Ruth Crawford Mitchell Fund
Ruth Lilly Fund for Lilly Library
Ruth Lilly University Dean of University Libraries Endowment
Sam Burgess Undergraduate Research Award
Undergraduate Library Collection
University Archives Endowment
Walden University Endowed Librarian
Wendell Willkie Library Fund
Wylie House Museum Fund