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INDIANA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY NEWS*****October 10, 2003, Vol. 30, Number 38



*Staff Updates, IUB

Dear IU Librarians and Staff:

I am both proud and sad to announce that Yolanda Cooper has accepted a position at the University of Virginia, where she will become an Associate University Librarian. This is a well-deserved promotion for Yolanda, who has served with distinction as Assistant Dean for Human Resources at Indiana University.

As the Associate University Librarian for Organization Development at the University of Virginia, she will have oversight of Management Information Services, Financial Services, the Office of Library Administration, and the Human Resources Office. As one of three associate university librarians, she will be integral to the academic mission of the University of Virginia Library as a member of the Libraryís Administratve Team.

When I arrived at Indiana University in 1996, Yolanda was serving as the assistant to the Dean. Since then, she completed both her bachelorís and masterís degrees in 1998 and 2003 respectively, while working full time. In her role as Assistant Dean for Human Resources, she expanded the office to include staff development and training in organization development and technology, and she has issued procedures and advocated for funding to address ergonomic issues and diversity in all aspects. She has also been an invaluable support to the Universityís campuses in the promotion and tenure process.

Yolanda created a Libraries Diversity Committee and secured funding through the Office of Strategic Hiring and support to create an Outreach Librarian position to work closely with the advocacy offices on campus. She has actively sought to increase the number of professional positions and to maintain staff positions by working closely with supervisors to orchestrate major staff reassignments most recently for Auxiliary Library Facility Services and Internal Processing.

Please join me in congratulating Yolanda on a signal achievement. Even as we prepare to miss her contributions at IU on so many levels, we can also expect to see her achievements at another public university in an even more important context for libraries.

Yolanda will leave IU early November and assume her new position in December. More information will follow about interim assignments.

Submitted by Suzanne Thorin, Ruth Lilly University Dean of University Libraries and Associate Vice-President for Digital Library Development.


Effective October 13, Allison Corn accepted the position of Office Services Assistant, Libraries Administration, Bloomington. Prior to accepting this position, Allison worked in several hourly positions including Assistant to Associate Director of Editorial Services, IU Art Museum and as Circulation Desk Clerk, IU Libraries. She was also an intern at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. She has a B.A. Degree in Art History from Indiana University.

Effective September 30, Dung-Lan Chen resigned from her position as Library Services Associate III (Approval Plan Specialist) in the Acquisitions Division at IU-Bloomington.

Effective October 6, Elizabeth Holland has accepted the position of Electronic Reserve Coordinator, Bus/SPEA Library, Bloomington. Prior to accepting this position, Elizabeth worked in the Fine Arts Library as Circulation Supervisor.

Effective October 13, Pawel Wnuk accepted the position of Monographic Copy Cataloger, Technical Services/Cataloging, Bloomington. Prior to accepting this position, Pawel worked in Technical Services/Cataloging as the Residential Programs & Services Cataloger and Technical Services Liason.

All submitted by Barb McDonald, Libraries Human Resources, IUB.


*Serials Cancellation Request, IUB

The following serials cancellation requests have been received. When a request has been made by a Collection Manager to cancel the print subscription but retain the electronic access, the electronic exemption will be noted.

Collection Managers who wish to assume any of the titles should contact Judy Grannan, Technical Services/Acquisitions (jgrannan@indiana.edu) within two weeks following the date of this newsletter.

Fund 97 (UGL)


Submitted by: Judy Grannan, Technical Services Dept., IUB

*IUL News Note

The IUB Main Library recently received a rolling walker with a shelf for users with disabilities who are trying to use our library and its resources. Earlier we purchased a wheelchair for emergency use. The rolling walker with shelf was the result of a suggestion by the Bloomington Office of Disability Services for Students. The walker itself was a gift from WrenCare Medical Supplies. The owner, Rafe Thummel, is the son-in-law of Marty Chambers and wanted to support the IU Libraries with this gift. We are grateful and hope we see good use of this equipment.

Submitted by Pat Steele, Customer and Access Services, IUB.

*ALF Statistical Report (through September 30, 2003)


Through September 30, 2003, there had been 159,759 items accessioned into the ALF collections vault. Here is a breakdown of the point of origin of these collections and the number of shelves they occupy.

Former Location (point of origin)ALF Shelves OccupiedItems Accessioned into ALF
Off-Site Storage47066,860


There are 1,153 shelves now occupied in the ALF collections vault. There are 13,964 shelves available in the ALF collections vault.

8.3% of the capacity of the ALF collections vault has now been occupied.

Submitted by Vaughn Nuest, Manager, Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility.


*Late Night Poetry at the African American Cultural Center Library

Thursday, October 16, 2003
9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Indiana University Ruth Lilly Professor of Poetry, Kevin Young, author of Jelly Roll: A Blues
African American Cultural Center Library
Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, Room A113

9:00-10:00 Prof. Young will read poetry from his works and present a talk on writing poetry.
10:00-10:30 will be reserved for Q and A and open poetry reading.

Everyone is welcome!

Submitted by Marianna Brough, African American Cultural Center Library, IUB

*HISTORY OF THE BOOK Seminar Session--October 13

The first of the History of the Book Seminar sessions for the 2003-04 year will be held this coming Monday, OCTOBER 13, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the Lilly Library Lounge. The session will be led by by JONATHAN SHEEHAN, Assistant Professor in our History Department here at Indiana. His subject is THE ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE ORIENTAL ARCHIVES OF THE OLD TESTAMANT, and an Abstract of his talk follows beneath. As has been our custom, coffee, fruit juice, and cookies can be also enjoyed by all from 3:30 on.

THE ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE ORIENTAL ARCHIVES OF THE OLD TESTAMENT JONATHAN SHEEHAN (Department of History, Indiana University, Bloomington) Lilly Library Lounge--October 13, 4 p.m.

In early January 1761, a group of explorers set out from Copenhagen aboard the Danish war ship Greenland with their sights on the antiquities of the Red Sea, hoping to uncover the secrets of Arabia and bring them back to European scholars hungry for information about the Biblical world. None was hungrier than the German Orientalist and Bible translator Johann David Michaelis, who organized the so-called Niebuhr expedition to feed his appetite for the kind of concrete data absent from Biblical scholarship until the late eighteenth century. This was, of course, a peculiar idea. Arabia--and particularly Yemen, their principal destination--was not the stage for the great dramas of the Old and New Testaments. Its antiquities, dialects, flora, and fauna were untouched by the events described in the Christian Bible. And yet, as it turned out, this was precisely the attraction for scholars like Michaelis, who hoped to find in these Oriental archives particularly durable monuments of the ancient Near East. If the spiritual aura of the Holy Land had long corroded the data transmitted by its explorers--as unfamiliar customs were woven into the customary Biblical narrative--the stony wastelands of Yemen offered resources for alienating the reader from this familiar Jewish story, for making the Bible strange. Michaelis would put these resources to work in his prodigious Old Testament translation, a work that consistently employed Oriental antiquities to defamiliarize the German Bible. This project, I suggest, was one part of a larger effort in the later eighteenth century to recuperate the meaning of a Bible shorn from the comfortable cradle of theology. Using the Orient to estrange the Bible was, in the end, part of a wide enterprise to reconstitute the foundations of Biblical authority, an enterprise that would make the Bible an integral part of the "culture"--the spiritual heritage--of the West.


JONATHAN SHEEHAN took his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in 1999 and has been Assistant Professor of History at Indiana University, Bloomington since the fall of 2000. He held a fellowship at Princeton University's Center for the Study of Religion in the 2002-03 Academic year. He has published in Representations, The Journal of the History of Ideas, and the American Historical Review, and his THE ENLIGHTENMENT BIBLE: TRANSLATION, SCHOLARSHIP, CULTURE is forthcoming from Princeton University Press in 2004. He is presently at work on a second book, THE BIBLE AND THE HUMAN SCIENCES IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE.

Submitted by Cecile Jagodzinski, Director of Collection Development and Digital Scholarship, IUB.


*Calendar Week 10/13/03-10/17/03, IU-Bloomington

October 13, 2003 Main Library Public Service Heads 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Library Administration Conf., IUB
October 14, 2003 SALC 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Library Administration Conf., IUB
October 14, 2003 Senior Management Group 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Main Library E174, IUB
October 16, 2003 Resources Sub Committee 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Library Administrative Conf., IUB
October 16, 2003 Executive Committee 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Library Administrative Conf., IUB


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