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INDIANA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY NEWS*****December 12, 2003, Vol. 30, Number 46



*Staff Updates, IUB

Ann Bristow, distinguished librarian and Head of the Reference Department, has announced her retirement from the IU Libraries, effective February 1, 2004.

It has been my pleasure to work with Ann during the last few years and I hold her in high regard. I feel a personal loss in her leaving the Libraries and know that many of you share this feeling.

Since my knowledge of Annís many contributions to the libraries, campus, and university is somewhat limited, I asked for input from colleagues in preparing a few words to honor Ann. The following text was prepared by Julie Bobay, Nancy Cridland, Jian Liu, Perry Willett, and Celestina Wroth. A special thanks is extended to each one who helped write this tribute. And most of all, we offer a heartfelt thank you to Ann.

Ann began her career at IU as Assistant Documents Librarian from 1965-1967 after earning an AB in English and History and an AM in English from the University of Michigan. After living abroad for several years and finishing an AMLS at the University of Michigan, she came back to IU in 1974, spending a few months in the Serials Department before beginning her career in the Reference Department. From 1977-79, she served as Personnel Librarian, and in 1979 became Head of the Reference Department, where, with the exception of occasional interludes as Acting Associate Dean for Public Services, she has spent the rest of her career. In 1998 she was honored with the William Evans Jenkins Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the libraries and to the profession. As role model, mentor, colleague, friend, she influenced all of us toward excellence, both by her encouragement and by her example.

Ann realized early on the enormous potential that electronic resources and services could offer to the humanities and social science students and scholars served by the Main Library. In 1985, Ann began what would become a nationally-renowned e-mail reference service, delivered initially through the Campus-wide Information Service known as the AIE and subsequently through gopher, web and chat technologies. The use of this important service has consistently ranked among the highest in the nation. Ann also played instrumental roles in many other electronic initiatives, including the development of one of the first CD-ROM LANs in the country and the Libraries Electronic Text Resource Services (LETRS).

Never misled by overblown technological hype, she weighed new products critically, keeping an eye on the cost/benefit factor, and made careful judgments in recommending electronic and/or print resources to users. Her skill in offering user-friendly instruction is widely appreciated, and her tactful and genuinely sympathetic approach has won over many a technology-resistant patron.

At her retirement, Ann will leave a reference department that is unsurpassed in its dedication and ability to helping students, faculty and colleagues explore new ideas. In an increasingly impersonal and technical world, Ann'ís words and actions at the reference desk and through personal contacts have convinced generations of students, faculty and librarians that there is a special place in this large university where they can find librarians who care about scholarly research and who will dedicate their efforts toward supporting such studies. Annís dedication to excellent reference services and collections and her many innovative solutions to help scholars and students have raised the image not just of the department but the library as a whole. Because of her, the library is seen by many as the trusted source for information.

Articulate and eloquent, Ann is frequently sought out as speaker and writer not only within the IU community but at library conferences and meetings. Colleagues at IU, while very appreciative of her many qualities and contributions, are particularly indebted to Ann for her role as a member of the faculty; to quote from a nomination letter for the William Evans Jenkins Award, she's "a living example of why librarians ought to continue to have faculty status." Dedicated to a vision of librarians as partners with faculty in advancing the academic missions of the university, Annís leadership roles in faculty governance within the libraries, the university, and organizations like the American Association of University Professors have defined the model for librarians who will succeed her.

Submitted by: Harriette Hemmasi, Executive Associate Dean, IUB.


*ALF Statistical Report (through November 30, 2003)


In November 2003 there were 19,776 items accessioned into the ALF collections vault. Here is a breakdown of the point of origin of these collections.

Collection Point of Origin Items Accessioned into ALF
Main Library18,826
Off-Site Storage373
University Archives432
Swain Hall Library145


Through November 30, 2003 there had been 263,127 items accessioned into the ALF collections vault. Here is a breakdown of the point of origin of these collections and the number of shelves they occupy.

Former Location (Point of Location)ALF Shelves OccupiedItems Accessioned into ALF
Main Library843176,428
HPER Library193,405
Lilly Library27613,869
Off-Site Storage47268,524
University Archives113756
Swain Hall Library3145
Totals1,726 263,127


There are 1,726 shelves now occupied in the ALF collections vault. There are 13,964 shelves available in the ALF collections vault.

12.4% of the capacity of the ALF collections vault has now been occupied.

Submitted by: Vaughn Nuest, Manager, Ruth Lilly Auxiliary Library Facility.

*Serials Cancellation Request, IUB

The following serials cancellation requests have been received. When a request has been made by a Collection Manager to cancel the print subscription but retain the electronic access, the electronic exemption will be noted.

Collection Managers who wish to assume any of the titles should contact Judy Grannan, Technical Services/Acquisitions (libser@indiana.edu) within two weeks following the date of this newsletter.

Fund 17 (Business)
-STUFF (This is a failed order - nothing ever received on this title.)
Fund 19 (Chemistry)
Fund 40 (GovDocs)
Fund 67 (Mathematics)



*Calendar Week 12/15/03-12/19/03, IU-Bloomington

December 18, 2003 Resources Sub Committee Meeting 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Library Administration Conf., IUB
December 18, 2003 Libraries Management Team Meeting 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Library Administration Conf., IUB


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