Indiana University Electronic Records Project
Phase I: 1995-1997

Metadata Specifications, Latest Indiana University Version - 1998

A. Context:

  1. Actors involved: originator/initiator, organization, system, recipient, etc.
  2. Time/instance associated with the represented transaction
  3. Source of authorization for engaging in activity
  4. Process activities represented by records, including transactions sequence and business function type.

B. Handle:

  1. Unique identifier for the record/transaction.

C. Terms and Conditions:

  1. Citation to laws, policies, best practices which impose restrictions on access or describe access permissions.
  2. Conditions for access (appropriate population) and use (purpose) for redacted records or record sets, as well as whole records and record sets: payments, proof of identity, etc.

D. Disposition:

  1. Removal authority
  2. Retention policy citation
  3. Retention period end time
  4. Migration Information: Date when last migration of records occurred, identity of individual responsible for the migration, and hardware/software configuration in which records presently exist.

E. Accountability:

  1. Citation to system audits

F. Use History:

  1. How was data used: viewed, copied, edited, filed, indexed, classified, sent, disposed, etc.?
  2. When was the data used?
  3. Who or what used the data?
  4. What is the impact of the particular use?
  5. What was the view of the data when used?

G. Structure:

  1. Identity of files and/or other structures used to represent the record, including structures that represent standard meanings, interpretations, or values.
  2. Relationships of various pieces that represent the record (set relationships)
  3. "Stylistic formalisms" that add meaning to the information, such as placement, labeling, fonts, electronic data interchange formats.
  4. Source of record: record keeping system or other mechanism used to capture the content (predefined computer application, ad hoc query for aggregate or summary information, camera or other recording device, etc.)