Indiana University. Dean of Faculties.
Records, 1968-1975.

Collection #23
(22 cu. ft.)

Historical Note

On June 1, 1940, in response to increasing demands upon the President's Office, President Herman B Wells created the position of Dean of Faculties. The initial duties of the office were to share with the president "general responsibility for the academic administration of the University" as well as sharing the responsibility for public appearances.

Today the office of the Dean of Faculties is responsible for overseeing various aspects of the faculty position and the curriculum at Indiana University. Its duties include: evaluation of applications for sabbatical leaves, review of dossiers for promotion and tenure, negotiation of individual grievances, analysis of recommended terms of appointment to assure conformity with university policies, review of all proposals for curricular and degree program changes on the campus, administrating policies affecting Associate Instructors, and administration of the Patten Foundation and Horizons of Knowledge lectureships.

Since 1940, the position of Dean of Faculties has been filled by the following people:

               Herman T. Briscoe        1940-1959
               Ralph C. Collins         1959-1963
               Ray L. Heffner, Jr.      1964-1966
               Joseph L. Sutton         1966-1968
               Joseph R. Hartley        1968-1969
               Henry H. Remak           1969-1974
               Harrison Shull           1974-1975
               Margaret Jean Peterson   1974-1977
               Frank A. Franz           1978-1983
               Anya Peterson Royce      1983-1993 

Scope and Content Note

The Dean of Faculties collection is comprised of the admin- istrative files of the Office of the Dean of Faculties at Indiana University. The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject and spans the years 1968-1989. It is divided into three distinct series reflecting the dates of deaccessioning by the office of the Dean: 1968- 75, 1975-80, 1980-89. Since the Dean of Faculties collection originates from a file that is ongoing, span dates are approximate and only refer to the majority of material in each series.

The subject files document the Office's involvement in almost every facet of the daily operations of the university. Within the collection are correspondence files for each school and department. These include: School of Music, School of Law, School of Business, School of Education, and College of Arts and Sciences and its individual departments.

Files can be found on virtually every academic program and university service. A few of the more prominent entries include: Academic Handbook, Calendar Committee, Budget, Horizons of Knowledge, Instructional Development Fellowship, Review Committee, Lilly Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships, Patten Foundation, Research and Graduate Development, student services and programs, and University Division. The collection also contains various files of administrative policies and procedures concerning faculty members. These files cover such areas as: promotion and tenure, recruitment, sabbatical leaves, retirement, salaries, complaints and grievances, multidisciplinary ventures, affirmative action, review committees, research, etc.

The Office of the Dean of Faculties also oversees curriculum development and various academic administrations. File topics include: Admissions, Degree Program Proposal Committee, Assistant Instructors, foreign language Study committee, grading policies, registration, etc. Chronological files for several individuals of the Office of the Dean of Faculties can also be found within the collection. These include files of both staff and administrators. The following names are represented in the collection: John Bodnar, Frank Franz, William F. Hansen, Christoph K. Lohmann, William Lynch, Martha McCarthy, Margaret Jean Peterson, Henry H. Remak, Anya Peterson Royce, Fran Snygg, Susan Stryker, and Stephen L. Wailes.

Folder List
Box 1

AAUP 1972-75
Academic Affairs 1972-75
Academic Guide Revisions 1977
Academic Handbook 1972-74
ACE Report on IU departments vs. other Universities 1971-72 
Ad Com 1974-75
Ad Com 1973-74
Ad Com 1972-73
Ad Com 1971-72 
AACTE-Institutional Representative, American Association of 
College for Teach. Educ.
Admissions Statistics and Policies 1971-74
Advisory Committee to Dean of the Faculties 1970-78
Advisory Committee to Dean of the Faculties -- During HHH Reign
Advisory Committee to Dean of the Faculties and Chancellor  
Affirmative Action 1972-73
Affirmative Action 1973-74
Affirmative Action  1974-75
Affirmative Action 1975

Box 2

Affirmative Action, Ad Hoc Committee on
Affirmative Action Bigot Memo    1970-74
Affirmative Action, College Goals
Affirmative Action Complaints 1974-76
Affirmative Action, Dead File 1976-77
Affirmative Action Plan Policies 1972-74
Affirmative Action: Promotions, Reappointments, Tenure
Affirmative Action and Recruitment 1972-75
Affirmative Action: Student 1976
Affirmative Action Task Force    1972-75
African Studies 1975-76
Afro-American Studies 1972-75
AFT-IUB 1972-75
American Council of learned Societies 1973
Annual Report Revisions
*MISSING* Appointments to administrative Positions 1974
Appointments: Student 1972-75
Arts and Sciences 1968-72 
Arts and Sciences 1972-74 
Arts and Sciences, Dean Search 1970-74 
Asian Studies Research Institute 1975
Associate Instructor, Appointees 1971-77 
Associate Instructor, Appointments 1970-71 

Box 3

Associate Instructor Affairs Committee 1968-69 
Associate Instructor Affairs Committee 1969-70 
Associate Instructor Affairs Committee 1970-71 
Associate Instructor Affairs Committee 1971-72 
Associate Instructor Affairs Committee 1972-73 
Associate Instructor Affairs Committee 1974-75 
Associate Instructor Complaints about 1970 
Associate Instructor Election Committee, Faculty Council 1969-76 
Associate Instructor Grievance Procedures
     (Campus Hearing Board of Fac. Coun.) 1969-71 
Associate Instructor Handbook 1970-76 
Associate Instructor Implementation Committee 1964-70 
Associate Instructor Relevant Faculty Council Minutes 1969-73 
*MISSING* Associate Instructor Teaching Skills Program 1971-73 
Associate Instructor Teaching Skills Program 1972-73 
Associate Instructor Training (Major Program Plans)
Athletics (Facilities & Committees) 1970-74
Award Form R21514  1974
Ballantine Building Committee 1970-74
Bloomington City Concerns 1971-72
Bicentennial Anniversary of U.S. 1973-76
Bloomington Human Rights Commission 1974
Board Agenda, Miscellaneous 1970-74
Board of Trustees, Special Reports to 1970
Board of  Trustees 1970-74
Board Subcommittee, Strohm Report 1972
Board of Trustees Approval
Bookstore, IU 1970-72
Bookstore Advisory Committee 1968
Bookstore Advisory Committee 1969-70
Bookstore Advisory Committee 1971-74
Budget (Biennial) 1971-73

Box 4

Budget (Biennial) 1973-75
Budget 1974-75
Budget 1973-74
Budget 1972-73
Budget 1971-72
Budget 1970-71
Budget 1969-70
Bureau of Facilities Studies
Bureau of Public Discussion 
Calendar Committee, Bloomington 1972-74
Calendar Committee, University 1973-74
Calendar Committee, University 1972-73
Calendar Committee, University 1971-72
Calendar Committee, University 1970-71
Calendar Committee, University 1969-70
Campus Planning Committee 1972-74
Candidate Interview  
Carnegie Commission Report 1973-1975
Careerism Task Force 1974-75
Center for Human Growth 1972
Center for Human Relations 1973
Center for Italian Studies 1974
Chancellor's Breakfasts (with Junior Faculty) 1971
Chancellor's Committee on Employment 1975-76
Chancellor's Committee on Employment, School Goals 1974-75
Chancellor's Committee on Employment, Goals 1974-75
Chancellor's Committee on Employment, Goals 1973-74
Chancellor's Committee on Employment, School Goals 1973-74
Chancellor's Committee on Employment 1972-73
Chancellor's Committee on Employment, School Goals 1972-73
Chancellor's Lecture Series 1973-75
Chancellor's Representatives Reports 1973-74 
Chancellor's Representatives Reports 1972-73 
Chancellor's Representatives Reports 1971-72 
CIC 1972-73

Box 5

Cinema Studies Club 1972-73
Cleland Papers 
*MISSING* COAS 1973-74 
Collective Bargaining 
Commencement Programs
Commencement Committee 1970-74
Committee Assignments 1974-75
Committee Assignments 1973-74
Committee Assignments 1972-73
Committee Assignments 1971-72
Committee Suggestions 1972-73
 American Indian Studies 1973-74
 Bookstore Policy 1972-75
 Calendar (Campus) 1971-74
 Schedule (Bloomington) 1972
 Arts 1973-75
 Honors 1972-75
 Indiana Magazine of History/Advisory 1972-75
 Living Learning Center Advisory 1972-75
 Tenure Advisory 1972-75
 Retiring Faculty (Committee Assignments) 1972-75
 Sabbatical Leaves 1972-75
 University Division Advisory 1971-74
Committee to Coordinate Data Collection and Analysis 1972
Committee on Employment 
Committee - Quality of Residence Life 
Communication in Crisis 1970
Community Action Program, Monroe County 1970
Comparative Literature & The Arts 1974
Complaints, Faculty 1971-74
Complaints by Others 1971-74
Complaints from Students or Parents 1974-75
Complaints from Students or Parents 1973-74
Complaints from Students or Parents 1972-73
Complaints from Students or Parents to 1972
Conference Bureau 1972-74
Conflict of Interest 1975
Congressional Contacts 1970
Contemporary Arts 1972-73
Contract Administration 1973-74
Controller 1972-74
Convertible Lectureship 1971-74
Cooperative Education Work Program 1972
Coordinator for English Language Arts 1973-75
Coordinator for School Foreign Languages 1971-74
Coordinator of School Mathematics 1970-74
Coordinator for School Sciences 1970-74

Box 6

Coordinator: Science Institute 
Coordinator: Social Science Advisory 
Coordinator for Social Studies 1970-74
Coordinators (General) 1972-74
Core Curriculum Requirements 1974
Correspondence: Faculty Material (MJP) 1974-77
Counseling & Psychological Services Center 1971-73
Course Changes, etc. 1973-74
Course Requests 1977
Course Requests: Procedure & Forms
Course Summaries
Courses, New & Change 1974-75
Credit Inquiries
Credit by Examination
Crisis-Disruptions, Academic Freedom, etc. 1969
Crisis Biology
Curricular Development Grant Application
Curricular Reforms
Danforth Foundation 1973-74
Data Systems and Services 1971-74
Day Care 1973-74  
Day Care Center, Women 1970-72
*MISSING* Dean of Faculties - General 
Dean of Faculties 1970-74 (1) 
Dean of Faculties - General 1970-74 (2) 

Box 7

Dean of Faculties - General 1970-74 (3) 
Dean of Faculties  1970-74 (4) 
Dean of Faculties Mis. 1969-75 
Dean of Students 1970-74
Dean's Meetings 1974-75
Dean's Meetings 1972-74
Dean's Meetings 1969-72
Degree Program Inventory 1971-73
Degree Program Proposal Format 1970-72
Degree Program Proposal Instructions 1973
Degree Program Proposal 1974-75
Degree Program Proposal 1973-74
Degree Program proposal 1972-73
Degree Program Proposal Review Committee 1974-75
Degree Program Proposal Review Committee 1973-74
Degree Program Proposal Review Committee 1972-73
Degree Program Proposal Review Committee 1971-72
Degree Program Proposal Review Committee 1970-71
DGTS 1972-74
Dirt Thirty 1972-73
Distinguished Ranks 1972-74
Disadvantaged Students 1972-73
Drug Education Program 1972-74
East Asian Studies 1970-74
Educational Studies & Testing 1972-75

Box 8

Electoral Process Courses 1970-72
Emeritus Titles 1970-74
Employment Dates 1972-73
Energy Crisis 
Enrollment 1973-74
Enrollment Figures 1972-73
Enrollment Figures 1971-72
Enrollment Figures 1970-71
Enrollment Figures 1969-70
Enrollments (Minimum/Maximum) 1970-73
Enrollments (Minimum) 1970-74
Entertainment Expenses 1972
Environment 1970-74
Environmental Studies 1969-70
Environmental Studies 1970
Equal Education Opportunity Committee 1974
Equal Employment 1972
Equal Employment Opportunity 1971
Equal Pay 1973
Equity Salary Reviews 1970-74
Ewing Essay Contest Committee 
Examinations 1970-74
Exchange Visitor Program 1970-74
Experimental Courses (J-)
Extended Studies, Committee 
Faculty Board of Review Procedures 1970-74
Faculty Board of Review Reports 1970-74
Faculty Council 1970-73 
Faculty, Definition 1073-75
Faculty Effort 1970-74
Faculty Exchange 1970-75
Faculty Luncheons 1970-74
Fee Courtesy, University 1969-71
Fee Remission 1970-74
Fees & Residency Requirements, Women 1970-71
Fee Structure - University 1969-71
Fees 1970-74
Fellowships & Assistantships, Student 1970-73
Film Studies Program  1970-75
Fischer-Appelt, Dr. Peter 1973
FOCUS 1972-73
Foreign Language Situation 1971
Foreign Language Study Committee 1971
Foster Project 1970-73
Founder's Day 1970-74
Fraternities & Sororities 1970-72
Free Week (Complaints) 1970-74
Fringe Benefits 1970-74

Box 9

Fringe Benefits, General 1970-73
Fringe Benefits, Insurance 1970-74
Fringe Benefits, Retirement 1969-74
Fringe Benefits, While on Leave 1970-74
Goal Estimation 1972-74  
Grading Policy 1970-74(A)
Grading Policy 1971-73
Grading Policy 1970-74 (B)
Grading Policy 1970-74(C)
Graduate Programs 1973
Grievance Procedures, Students/Grades 1970-74
Grievance Procedures, Faculty 1970-74
Grievances 1973-75  
Guggenheim Fellows 1971-74
Guyard, Marius-Francios 1974
Halls of Residence Libraries 1970-73
Hamburg Placement Service 1970-74
Health Professions Committee 1970-74
Hearing Officers Review Board, Student Conduct Code 1970-74
Health, Education, and Welfare, Dept. of 1970-74
HEC/Che 1974
HEC/Che 1973
HEC/Che 1972
HEC/CHE, Master Plan 1970-74
HEC/CHE, Report on 
Inter-Institutional Cooperation 7/20/72 (Red Binder)
HEW Visit  7/25/73 
Honors Division 1970-74

Box 10

Honors Division, Review 1970-74
Honors Program in Foreign Languages 1970-74
Horizons of Knowledge: 1974-75
Horizons of Knowledge: 1973-74
Horizons of Knowledge: 1972-73(A)
Horizons of Knowledge: 1972-73(B)
Humanistic Studies Center 1970-73
Hartwell, Ieva 1974 (Human Rights Commission)
HPER Review 1974-75
ID Photos 1975-76
ID Photos 1974-75
IDS 1970-74
IHETS 1970-74
IMU 1973
Incompletes & Withdrawals 1969-74
Independent Learning Program 1973
Indian Studies, North American 1971-73
Indiana Committee on Humanities 1972-74
Indiana Language Program 1970-71
Indiana Magazine of History 1973-74
Indiana University Foundation 1970-74
Indiana University Museum 1970-74
Indiana University Press 1971-74
Individual Service Reports (ISR) 1970-74
Individuals, Allen, Priscilla 1971-76
Individuals, Bardo 1974
Individuals, Biberstine, William Reid 1974
Individuals, Gregg, Philip 1973
Individuals, Gregg, Philip 1974

Box 11

Individuals, Hughes, Charles 1973
InPIRG 1972
Institute of Public Administration 1970
Institute for Research in Public Safety 1970-72
Institute for Sex Research 1972-74
Institutional Systems Technology 1970-72
Interdisciplinary Arts Festival 1972
International Affairs Center 1970-73
International Affairs, Indiana University Commission on 1970
International Developmental Research Center 1972
International Programs 1971-74
International Services 1971-74
Interviews Conducted 1974-75
Interviews Conducted 1973-74
Interviews Conducted 1972-73
Interviews Conducted 1971-72
Interviews Conducted 1970-71
Interviews, Finished Worksheets 1973-74
Interviews, Fringe Benefit Information 1972-73
Interview Procedures 1970-74
Intra-Campus Cooperation 1973
Intra-university Transfer 1972-74
IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board) 1972-73
ISBA 1974
ISTA (Ind. State Teacher's Assoc.) 1973
IUPUI 1972-74
IUSA 1972-74
Jewish Studies Program 1970-74
JARB (Joint Advisory Review Board) MCCS 1973-1980  
JARB (Joint Advisory Review Board) MCCS: non-English Speaking
Joint Appointments/Faculty Evaluation 1972-73
Journals, Scholarly 1971
Jury Duty 1972-73
Keenan Report 1973-74
Labor Education Advisory Committee 1971-73

Box 12

Language Laboratory undated
Latin American Studies 1970-74
Latinos 1973-1974
Law in Society 1970
Leaves, Maternity 1971-75
Leaves Staff Research, Administrative, Professional 1972-74
Lecturers 1974
Lecturer Rank 1971-74
Liberal Studies Degree Program 1973
Librarians and Library Business 1970-74
Librarians and Library Business 1968-70
Librarian Rank Code Assignment Problem 1974
Librarians: Teaching Arrangements 1973-74
Library 1974-75  
Library 1970-74
Library Committee on Promotions and Tenure, All-University 
Lilly Endowment 1974
Living/Learning Center 1973-74
Living/Learning Center 1972-73
Long Range Planning 1973-74
Long Range Planning 1972-73
Long-Range Planning Comm., University 1974
Long Range Planning, School Reports 1967-73
LWOP 1973-74
LWOP 1972-74
LWOP/Tenure 1971
Mailings, Campus 1969-70
Mailing lists: Use of 1973-74
Management Review and Analysis Program 1974

Box 13

Marathon Faculty forum 1973
Medicine and Society,UG Course 1970
Memorial Services 1970
Mental Retardation Center 1971
Miami University, Faculty Exchange Program 1973
Michigan Society of Fellows
Minorities 1971-72
Minority Affairs 1972-73
(IU) Management Information Systems/IU Task Force 1972-74
(IU) Management Information System 1973
(IU)MIS Requirements TaskForce, Reports 1 (2 copies), 2 (2 
copies), 3(1 copy)
(IU)MIS Faculty/Employee Research Projects Interim System
(IU)MIS Procedures for Faculty Records (General file, Academic 
(IU)MIS Analysis 1974 (HHHR) JC
(IU)MIS Analysis 1974 (BUCK) RCB 1972-74
MIS, Compensation 1973-1974
MIS, Definitions 1972
MIS, Phase 3, 1973
MIS 1974
MIS, Predecessor/Faculty Data File (OIR) 1972-74
MIS, Steering Committee, Minutes 1972-74
MIS, Student Information System 1972-74
MIS, Task Force Minutes 1972-74
Mission Statements 1972
Moving Expenses 1971
MUCIA 1971-74
Multiple Titles/Choice of Rank Code 1974
Mutual Development Laboratory, MDL, Education 1972
NASULGC 1972-74

Box 14

National Humanities Faculty 1974
NCATE 1970-74
NDEA Loans 1974  (not received - dr)
Necrology Committee 1973-74
NEH 1973-74
NEH, Comparative Literature 1973
New Courses 1974
New Faculty Luncheons 1970-71  
News Bureau 1973-74
Non-Reappointment/Non-Tenure 1972-74
Offer Letters 1969-81  
Office of Institutional Research 1969-72
Office of institute Research 1972-75
Ombudsman 1969-74
Open University 1970-74
Operation Empty Chair 1974
Overseas Study Program 1970-74
Pakistani Situation 1971
P and A Project Task Force 1973
Parking Problems 1974
Part-Time Employment Committee 1972-73
Part-Time Employment: Lists and Mailings 1972-74
Part-Time Status 1972
Part-Time Status 1971-73
Pass/Fail 1973
Payroll Periods 1970-73
PERF Problems 1972
Personnel 1970-74
Personnel Action Form Instructions 190-74
Personnel Action Form Revision 1971-72
Pets 1974
Placement and Counseling 1971-74
PLATO 1973-74
Policy Manual 1972
Policy Review Committee 1974
Political Activities Fall 1972
Political Activities Fall 1970
Political Mobilization, Department and School Reports 1970
Poverty and Discrimination in America 1973
Poynter Project 1974
President's Council on the Humanities 1973-74
President's Council on Social Sciences 1973-74
President's Office 1972
President Ryan 1971-74
President, Selection and Review of 1973
Prickett, A.L., Chair 1974
Professorial Chair in Public Relations, Committee of 1972
Profile of the I.U. Undergraduate 1974
Project: Move 1973

Box 15

Promotion and Tenure policy 1970-71 
Promotion Committee Procedures 1972-73 
Promotion Policies and Procedures 1969-74
Public Service Research Contracts 1971-74
Racism 1971
Ranks, Titles and Codes 1971-73
Reading Periods 1972
Records and Admissions 1973-74
Regional Campuses 1972-74
Register 1972-74
Registration 1970-74
Remak, Henry
Remak, Henry: Arts and Sciences Promotion Procedure Problems 
Remak, Henry: chancellor's Reps Reports 1972-74  
Remak, Henry: Comments on Promotion Procedure 4/14/70  
Remak, Henry: School of Education, Search and Screen comm. 1973  
Remak, Henry: English Dept. Promotion and Tenure Standards, Pros 
and Cons  
Remak, Henry: Evaluating Teaching for Promotion 1960/70 
Remak, Henry: Faculty Council Promotion and Tenure Review Com. 
Remak, Henry: Full Promotion Com. 1970-72 
Remak, Henry: Memo to Deans, dated 11/29/70 on Point to be kept 
in mind in preparing Promotion Dossiers  
Remak, Henry: Memo to Deans and Chairs on Promotion 9/10/71  
Remak, Henry: Memo to Deans and Chairs 4/17/72 
Remak, Henry: Memo to Faculty, dated 12/8/71 announcing 
membership of Promotions Com. 
Remak, Henry: Memo on Promotion philosophy 
Remak, Henry: Promotions 1970-71, Promotion write-ups fo info of 
Promotion com. 
Remak, Henry: Promotion 1973/74 general materials 
Remak, Henry: Promtion 1973/74 (take to specific meetings) 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Committees 9/2/72 (High Recommendation 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Committees meetings 1970-72 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Committees 1969/70 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Committees Rosters 1960-71 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Material and Information for Full 
Committee 1972-73 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Material 1970-71 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Material 1971-72 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Material 1972-73 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Material general 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Material general 1973/74 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Memo to Faculty 9/5/72 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Problems, Cases 1972/73 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Procedure on Dean of Faculties Level 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Procedure discussion 1972 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Process, instruction and information to 
Deans, Chairs, and Faculty 
Remak, Henry: Promotion: Odds and Ends 1972/73 
Remak, Henry: Promotion Recommendations, winter and.... 1974 
Remak, Henry: Promotions, Special Problems 1972/73 

Box 16

Remak, Henry: Sample Promotion Write-ups 
Remak, Henry: Tenure 1973/74 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Arts and Sciences 1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Arts and Sciences Feb/Mar 1974 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Business 1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Education 1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, HPER 1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Law 1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Music 1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure Cases 1973/74 
Remak, Henry: Tenure Decisions 1973/74 
Remak, Henry: Tenure Process, Chancellors Reps Reports  1971/72 
Remak, Henry: Tenure vs Promotion Criteria 2/10/75 
Remak, Henry: Tenure, Total lists, School materials, 
Remak, Henry: Undergraduate Education 
Requests for Information 1970-73
Research and Advanced Studies 1969-74
Research and Graduate Development 1971-74
Research Center for Language Sciences 1969-73
Research Committee 1970-72
Research Funding 1969-74
Research Motion Picture Idea 1974
Research Professorships 1972-73
Residence Halls 1969-74
Residence Requirements 1973
Residential Language Houses 1973-74
Resource Development, Dean of 1974
Retired (Emeritus) Faculty 1970-74
Retired Faculty/New Faculty Luncheons 19
Review 1974
Review of Schools 1970-73
ROTC Discussion 1970-74
Russian and East European Institute 1973-74
Sabbatical Leave, Application and Purposes 1971-74
Sabbatical Leave, Committee and Reports 1970-74
Sabbatical Leave Committee (H3R) 1968-73
Sabbatical Leave Granted 1973-74
Sabbatical Leave Granted 1972-73
Sabbatical Leave Granted 1968-72
Sabbatical Leave Policy and Procedures 1970-74
Safety 1971-74

Box 17

Salaries, Summer 1972-74
Salaries 1972-73  
Salaries: Faculty 1970-74
Salaries: Women 1970-73
Schedule Committee 1973-74
Schedule Committee 1972-73
Schedule Committee 1971-72
Schedule Committee 1970-71
Schedule Committee 1969-70
Schedule Committee, Registrar's Business 1971-74

School of:

Dept. of Afro-American Studies                     1975/bk 
Dept. of Anthropology                              1975/bk 
Dept. of Astronomy                                 1975/bk 
Dept. of Biology, I                                1975/bk 
Dept. of Biology, II                               1975/bk 
Dept. of Chemistry                                 1975/bk 
Dept. of Classical Studies                         1975/bk 
Dept. of Comparative Lit                           1975/bk 
Dept. of Computer Science                          1975/bk 
Dept. of East Asian Lang. and Cult.                1975/bk 
Dept. of Economics                                 1975/bk 
Dept. of English                                   1975/bk 
Dept. of Fine Arts                                 1975/bk 

Box 18

Dept. of Folklore                                  1975/bk 
Dept. of Forensic Studies                          1975/bk 
Dept. of French and Italian                        1975/bk 
Dept. of Geography                                 1975/bk 
Dept. of Geology                                   1975/bk 
Dept. of Germanic Lang.                            1975/bk 
Dept. of History                                   1975/bk 
Dept. of Hist and Phil of Science                  1975/bk 
Dept. of Home Economics                            1975/bk 
Dept. of Journalism                                1975/bk 
Dept. of Linguistics                               1975/bk 
Dept. of Mathematics                               1975/bk 
Dept. of Philosophy                                1975/bk 
Dept. of Physics                                   1975/bk 
Dept. of Political Science                         1975/bk 
Dept. of Psychology                                1975/bk 
Dept. of Religious Studies                         1975/bk 
Dept. of Russian and European Inst.                1975/bk 
Dept. of Slavic Lang. and Lits                     1975/bk 
Dept. of Sociology                                 1975/bk 
Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese                    1975/bk 
Dept. of Speech and Hearing                        1975/bk 
Dept. of Speech Communications                     1975/bk 
Dept. of Telecommunications                        1975/bk 
Dept. of Theatre and Drama                         1975/bk 
Dept. of Uralic and Altaic Studies                 1975/bk 
Optometry                                          1975/bk 
Division of Continuing Ed. II                      1975/bk 
Division of Continuing ED. I                       1975/bk 
School of Business                                 1975/bk 
School of Education II                             1975/bk 

Box 19

School of Education I                              1975/bk 
Library, University                                1975/bk 
Graduate School                                    1975/bk 
Graduate Library School III                        1975/bk 
Graduate Library School II                         1975/bk 
Graduate Library School I                          1975/bk 
School of HPER, II                                 1975/bk 
School of HPER, I                                  1975/bk 
School of Law                                      1975/bk 
Law Search for Dean 1971                           1975/bk 
Law School Trouble (Dean Harvey)                   1975/bk 
Law School, Dean Harvey
School of Law                                      1975/bk 
School of Letters 1971
Medical Sciences (Anatomy and Physiology)          1975/bk 
School of Music                                    1975/bk 
School of Music, S and S Dean                      1975/bk 
School of Music                                    1975/bk 
School Mission Statements 1972
School Promotion Procedures 1960-69

Box 20

SPEA 1969-74
Schulte, Dr. Hansgerd 1973-74
Schedule/Course Reservation 1971
Science Advisory Committee 1973
Scranton Report 1970
Selective Service 1970
Sensitivity Colloquium  1970 
Servicemen's Opportunity College (SOC) 1974 
S/F Option 1971-72
Shalucha 1974 
Social Sciences/Humanities 1974
Social Service 1974
Social Service Department 1971-73
Staff Meeting 1972-74
Staff Meeting Agendas 1974  
Staff Council 1971-74
Stahr Awards 1972-74
State and City Government Contacts 1971
Stillman College 1970-73 
Structure Committee (University Search and Screen Committee) (NOT 
Student Activities Office 1972-74
Student Conduct Code 1972-74
Student Educational Experience Survey Interview Reports 1970
Student Evaluation Forms from Various Departments and Schools 
Student Groups 1971-73
Student Health Service 1970-74
Student Interviews 1972-73
Student Interviews 1971-72
Student Interviews 1970-71
Student Legal Services Program 1970-73
Student Participation in University Governance 1969-72
Student Records, Buckley Amend. 1974 
Student Records Privacy 1974
Summer Appointments 1974 
Summer Faculty Fellowships 1970-74
Summer Sessions 1970-74
Supplemental/Overloads 1970-74
Teacher Certification Advisory Committee 1967
Teacher Education 1972-74

Box 21

Teacher Education 1969-73
Teacher Education Grants 1971-72
Teacher Education Proposal (Red Binder)1971 
Teacher Education Workshop, Turkey Run 1970-72
Teaching, awards for distinguished 1968-74
Teaching, General 1973-74
Teaching, General 1970-72
Teaching Improvement 1973-74
Teaching Improvement 1969-71
Teaching Interviews 1973
Teaching and learning 1972-74
Teaching Loads 1970-74
Teaching, memo of 10/23/72: responses
Teaching, Student Evaluation forms 1974
Teaching, Student Evaluations 1969-70
Teaching, Student Evaluations 1971-72
Teaching, Student Evaluations, Interviews
Tenure Credit 1970-72
Tenure Criteria 1973-74
Tenured Faculty 1971-73
Tenure, Principle of 1970-74
Tenure procedures 1968-74
Tenure Situation, spare copies (6/71)
Tenure Status/LWOP 1970-72
Tenure Status/Forms 1971-74
Term Papers 1972
Textbooks 1972-74
TIAA/CREF Eligibility 1972-74
Title IX 1974

Box 22

Titles Rank Codes 1974-75  
Transferability of Credit 1971
Treasurer 1971-73
Travel Policies 1971-73
Undergraduate Education 1972-74
Undergraduate Education, Council for 1969-74
Unemployment, Early Lists 1972
Unemployment, Procedures 1972
University Chancellor 1973
University Club 1973
University Advisory Committee, Women 1972
University Division 1972-74
University Division 1970-71
University Division, Activities 1970-74
University Division, Dean Search 1969-74
University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and 
Teaching 1972-74
University Structure Committee 1972
Upward Bound 1973
Urban Affairs 1970-73
Urban Affairs Center 1970-73
Urban Affairs Committee 1970-73
Use of Human Subjects 1972
Vice-Com-Agenda, minutes, memos 1973-74
Vice-Com-Agenda, minutes, memos 1972-73
Visas 1974
Volunteer Students Bureau 1973
Wage Freeze 1971-72
Wage Freeze Committee 1971-72
Wells Award Committee 1971-74
WICHE 1972
Winter Session 1973
*MISSING* Women 1972-74 (checked out to D.of Fac 1/24/85)
*MISSING* Women's Affairs, Dean for 1972-73 (checked out to D.of 
Fac 1/24/85)
*MISSING* Women's Status 1973-74 (checked out to D.of Fac 
*MISSING* Women's Status 1971-72 (checked out to D.of Fac 
Your University Pub. Board RCB 1970-74 

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