Indiana University. Dean of Faculties.
Records, 1980-1989.

Collection #25
(26 cu. ft.)

Historical Note

On June 1, 1940, in response to increasing demands upon the President's Office, President Herman B Wells created the position of Dean of Faculties. The initial duties of the office were to share with the president "general responsibility for the academic administration of the University" as well as sharing the responsibility for public appearances.

Today the office of the Dean of Faculties is responsible for overseeing various aspects of the faculty position and the curriculum at Indiana University. Its duties include: evaluation of applications for sabbatical leaves, review of dossiers for promotion and tenure, negotiation of individual grievances, analysis of recommended terms of appointment to assure conformity with university policies, review of all proposals for curricular and degree program changes on the campus, administrating policies affecting Associate Instructors, and administration of the Patten Foundation and Horizons of Knowledge lectureships.

Since 1940, the position of Dean of Faculties has been filled by the following people:

               Herman T. Briscoe        1940-1959
               Ralph C. Collins         1959-1963
               Ray L. Heffner, Jr.      1964-1966
               Joseph L. Sutton         1966-1968
               Joseph R. Hartley        1968-1969
               Henry H. Remak           1969-1974
               Harrison Shull           1974-1975
               Margaret Jean Peterson   1974-1977
               Frank A. Franz           1978-1983
               Anya Peterson Royce      1983-1993 

Scope and Content Note

The Dean of Faculties collection is comprised of the administrative files of the Office of the Dean of Faculties at Indiana University. The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject and spans the years 1968-1989. It is divided into three distinct series reflecting the dates of deaccessioning by the office of the Dean: 1968-75, 1975-80, 1980-89. Since the Dean of Faculties collection originates from a file that is ongoing, span dates are approximate and only refer to the majority of material in each series. Collection number 24 contains the second series, 1975-80. However, collections 23 and 25 should be examined to insure thorough research.

The subject files document the Office's involvement in almost every facet of the daily operations of the university. Within the collection are correspondence files for each school and department. These include: School of Music, School of Law, School of Business, School of Education, and College of Arts and Sciences and its individual departments.

Files can be found on virtually every academic program and university service. A few of the more prominent entries include: Academic Computing, Calendar Committee, Budget, Instructional Development, Fellowship, International Programs, Review Committee, Research and Graduate Development, student services and programs, and University Division. The collection also contains various files of administrative policies and procedures concerning faculty members. These files cover such areas as: promotion and tenure, recruitment, retirement, salaries, complaints and grievances, affirmative action, review committees, research, etc.

The Office of the Dean of Faculties also oversees curriculum development and various academic administrations. File topics include: Admissions, Degree Program Proposal Committee, Associate Instructors, foreign language requirements, grading policies, registration, etc. Chronological files for several individuals of the Office of the Dean of Faculties can also be found within the collection. These include files of both staff and administrators. The following names are represented in the collection: Frank Franz, William Lynch, Margaret Jean Peterson, and Stephen L. Wailes.

Folder List
Box 1

2nd Eight Week Problem 1980-81 
Academic Deans W/Vice President Meetings 1977-82/83 
Academic Deans W/Vice President mtgs. 1983/84- 
Academic Deans/VP 1984-85 
Academic Handbook (drafts) 1985 
Academic Handbook Revisions 1988 
Academic Handbook Revisions 4/85 
Academic Misconduct 1977-82 
Academic Misconduct 1982-83 
Academic Officers Committee (AOC) 1981-1982 
Academic Program and Policy Committee 1981-83 
Academic Program and Policy Committee 1980-81 
Academic Program Policy and Committee 1980- 
Academic Services Plan 1982-Jan. 1983 
Access to Records 1983-84 
Administrative Seminars 1980-81 
Admissions 1986-87 
Admissions 1985-86 
Admissions 1984-85 
Admissions 1983-84 
Admissions 1982-83 
Admissions 1981-82 
Admissions 1980-81 Semester II, January-July 1981 

Box 2

Admissions 1980-81 Semester I,  August-December 1980 
Admissions 1979-1980 Semester II, January-July 1980 
Admissions: Business School Policy 1983- 
Advisory Committee Conf. Bureau, Cont. Ed. and Summer sessions 1984 
Affirmative Action IUB 1980-81 
Affirmative Action IUB 1981-82 
Affirmative Action on IUB 1979-80 
Alumni Association 1980-85 
American Association for the Advancement of the Humanities Nov. 1980-1981 
American College Dance Festival 1986-87 
American Council on Education (ACE) 1982-84 
American Council on Education (ACE): Seminar at IU 3/85 
Annual Mailings, 1985-86 
Annual Mailings, 1984-85 
Annual Mailings, 1983-84 
Annual Mailings, 1982-83 
Annual Mailings, 1981-82 
Annual Mailings, 1980-81 
Annual Mailings, 1979-80 
Annual Mailings, 1978-79 
Annual Mailings, 1975-78 
Annual Mailings, 1974-75 
Annual Mailings, 1972-74 
Annual Mailings, Deleted Memos for 1983 
Annual Reports School/Unit 1970-79 
Annual Report (raw data) 1980-81  3=3 
ARAMCO Oct. 1982 
Arts and Sciences General 1979-82 

Box 3

Associate Dean Christoph Lohman 1981-84 
Associate Dean William Lynch 1978-83 
Associate Dean Martha McCarthy 1982-84 
Associate Dean Stephen Wailes 1978-84 
Associate Faculty 1981 
AI Benefits 1983 
Associate Instructor English Exam, Aug. 1, 1984 - July 1986 
Associate instructor English Exam, August 1982 - July 31, 1984 
Associate Instrucor, English Exam Feb 1980-July 1983 
Associate Instructors, Salaries 1980-83 
Athletics - Bowl Participation Committee 1979-1980 
Audio-Visual Center 1980-84 
Auditing 1975-Dec. 1982 
Awards and Fellowships 1980-1982 
Basic Skills 1980-81 
Luca Bellentani (Spring 1986) 
Best (Bureau of Eval. Studies & Testing) 1981-84 
Bingham, Barry Sr. 9/30/85 
Black Film Archives Proposal for NEH 1986 
Bloomington Area Arts Council 1985 
Bloomington Faculty Council: Faculty Affairs Elected Policies Comm. 
Bloomington Faculty Council: Apr's notes/material for meetings 1983-85 
Bloomington Faculty Council: Strategy Group on Acad. Preparation and 
Achievement 1987 
Bloomington Faculty Council: Faculty Affairs Comm. 1985-86 
Bloomington Faculty Council: Faculty Affairs Comm. 1979-84 
Bloomington Faculty Council: (General) 1980-83 
Bloomington P.R. Group 1983-88 
Board or Trustees 1980-82 
Bodnar, John 1984-86 
Bodnar: Good things about John Bodnar 
Budget 1982-83 

Box 4

Budget 1981-82 
Budget 1980-81 
Budget 1979-80 
Budget 1978-79 
Budget, 1979 Surplus 
Budget (Biennial) 1983 
Budget (Biennial) 1979-81 
Budget, DOF and Campus 1984-85 
Budget: DOF Working Papers  1985-86 
Budget, DOF Workpapers 1973-80 
Budget: DOF Year-End Report 1985-86 
Budget Preparation 1985-86 FY 
Budget Conferences 1985-86 
Budget Request, DOF 1983-84 
Bulletin for Academic Appointees (Inactive) 
Bulletin Copy (Arts & Sciences) 1980-81 
Bureau of Facilities Studies 1981-82 
Business Manager 
CAL (Convo. Arts, Lect.) 1975-79 
Calendar/Schedule Committee Bloomington Campus 1979-80 
Calendar/Schedule Committee Bloomington Campus 1979-80 II 
Calendar/Schedule Committee Bloomington Campus 1980-81 
Calendar/Schedule Committee Bloomington Campus 1981-82 
Calendar/Schedule Committee Bloomington Campus 1982-83 

Box 5

Calendar/Schedule Committee Bloomington Campus 1983-84 
Campus Computer Use Committee 1976-1987 
Campus Duplicating Committee (JB Chair) 1985-86 
Campus Planning Committee 1979-82 
Campus Report 1980-83 
Campus Report Teaching & Scholarship Articles 1985 
Capital Priorities Campaign 1980-84 
Capital Priorities Campaign 1980-81 
Capital Priorities Campaign 1979-80 
Career Center 1980-84 
Center for Excellence in Education 1983-84 
Ctr for Excellence in Education , Proposals 1983-84 
Ctr for Excellence in Educ., NSF Science and Math Educ. Proposals 1985-86 
Center for Language & Semiotic Studies 1975-87 
Center For Languages & Semiotic Studies Review 1984-85 
Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies 1985-88 
Chancellor's Reps (for Tenure) 
JEB Chron Jan. 1986 (John Bodnar) 
JEB Chron Jul. 1985  (John Bodnar) 
JEB Chron Jan. 1985-June 1985  (John Bodnar) 

Box 6

JEB Chron July 1984-Dec. 1984  (John Bodnar) 
Frank Franz, Chron: 1/82-7/8/82 
Chron F.A. Franz, May 1981 - December 1981 
F.A. Franz - Chron January 1981 - May 1981 
Frank Franz, Chron: Jul-Dec 1980 
Frank Franz, Chron: Jan-Jun 1980 
Frank A. Franz Chron: 1/80 - 2/80 & 10/80-12/80, Missing: 3/80 - 9/80 
Chron File: WH July 1, 1987-Dec. 31, 1987 (William F. Hansen)  
WH Chron File, January 1987-  (William F. Hansen) 
WH Chron File, July 1986-  (William F. Hansen) 
CKL Chron January 1984 - June 1984 (Christoph K. Lohmann) 

Box 7

CKL - Chron File July 1983 - December 1983 (Christoph K. Lohmann) 
CKL - Chron File January 1983 - June 1983  (Christoph K. Lohmann) 
CKL - Chron File July 1982 - December 1982 (Christoph K. Lohmann) 
CKL - Chron File July 1981 - June 1982. (Christoph K. Lohmann) 
W.W. Lynch Chron January 1983 - June 1983 
W.W. Lynch Chron August 1982 - December 1982 
W.W. Lynch Chron January 1982 - June 1982 
W.W. Lynch Chron 1/81 - 12/22/81 
W.W. Lynch Chron 1/80 - 2/80 & 8/80 - 12/80 Missing 3/80 - 7/80 
MMM Chron File, May 1984 - 7/84 (Martha McCarthy) 
MMM Chron File, January 1983 - December 1983  (Martha McCarthy) 
M. McCarthy Chron - 9/82 - 12/82  (Martha McCarthy) 

Box 8

Chron File: APR July 1, 1987-Dec. 31, 1987 (Anya Peterson Royce)  
APR Chron File, January 1987  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR, Chron July 1986-  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR, Chron January 1986  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR, Chron January 1985-  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR, Chron July 1985  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR, Chron July 1984  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR Chron January 1984-June 1984  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
APR Chron June 1983-Dec. 1983  (Anya Peterson Royce) 
Chron File: FS July 1, 1987-Dec. 31, 1987  (Fran Snygg) 
FS Chron File, January 1987  (Fran Snygg) 
FS, Chron January 1986  (Fran Snygg) 
FS Chron File, July 1986-  (Fran Snygg) 
FS, Chron July 1985  (Fran Snygg) 
FS Chron Jan. 1985-Aug. 1985  (Fran Snygg) 
FS Chron July 1984-Dec. 1984  (Fran Snygg) 

Box 9
shs, Chron File 1985-88 (Susan Stryker)
SLW Chron: Jan 84-Jun84  (Stephen L. Wailes) 
SLW Chron: Jan 81-Jun 81 (Stephen L. Wailes) 
SLW Chron: Jun 80-Dec 80 (Stephen L. Wailes) 
SLW Chron: Jan 80-Jun 80 (Stephen L. Wailes) 
City-Campus Liaison (H. Yamaguchi) 1983 
Class Cancellations 1979-84 
Classification Projects 1979-84 
Classification Review Committee 1980-83 
Classification Study for AD/PR/CN/OA 1979 
Collective Bargaining 1975-80 
Committees, DOF Appointed "Thank You" party 1984 
Communications Planning Committee 1983 
Computer-Assisted instruction 1978-1984 
Computer Literacy: Bloomington Campus Committee (BCCLC) 1984-86 
Computing: Administrative 1978-1983
Computing: Administrative Computing 1979-81 
Computing: Administrative (Systems Review Board) 1981-83 I
Computing: Administrative (Systems Review Board) 1981-83 II

Box 10

Computing: Bloomington Academic Computing 1982-84 
Computing: Bloomington Academic Computing 1979-81 
Computing: Blgtn Acad. Computing Services Annual Reports 1984-86 
Computing: Women and Computer Study Group (WACS) 1985-86 
Computing Courses and Curricula: Bloomington Campus Comm. 1982-85 
Computing Network 1976-89 
Computing Small Group 1977-80 
Conference Bureau 1976-77 
Conference on Law and the Arts 1986 
Constitution Bicentennial  
Contract Administration 1980-88 
Correspondence: JB with Faculty 1984-86 
Correspondence FAF/FAC 1979-82 (Franz) 
Correspondence: CKL with Faculty 1982-84 (Lohman) 
Corrspondence WL/Faculty (Lynch) 
Correspondence: MM with Faculty 1982-83 
Correspondence: APR with Faculty 1983-86 
Correspondence: FS with Faculty 1984-86 (Snygg) 
Council on Instructional Sevices 1982-86 
Council on Teaching & Instructional Services 1981-83 
Course Approval (Group to discuss process) 1978-85 
Course Redundancy 1983 
Credit Transfer 1981-83 
Criminal Justice Consortium Committee 1984-85 
Criminal Justice Consortium Committee 1983 
Curriculum Changes in Biology 1984-85 
Curriculum Committee 1983-84 
Curriculum Committee 1979-82 
Curriculum Matters, General 1971-79 
Dance Council 1985-87 
Dance Council 1986 
Dance Studies Committee 1982-1985 
Danforth Foundation 1980 
Darwin's Ark 1986 
David Starr Jordan Award Applications 1986 
APR: David Starr Jordan Award, Notes on nominations 1986 

Box 11

DOF: 10-297-00, 1983-84 itemized 
DOF: 10-207-00, 1984-85 itemized 
DOF Accounts 10-207-00 1984-85 
DOF Budget Transfers 1984-86 
DOF Faculty Fellowships 24-207-86  1985-87 
DOF File Index 1983 
Dean of the Faculties information 
DOF Itemized Lines 1985-86 
DOF Itemized Accounting 1986-87 
DOF Statements of Account 1986-87 
DOF Statements of Account 1985-86 
Debate Program 1984 
Decision Making Group 1983 
Defense Mapping Agency 1984 
Degree Program Inventory 1978-82 
Degree Program Proposals March 1980 April 1980 
Degree Program Proposals April 1980-June 1980 
Degree Program Proposals July 1980 
Degree program Proposals Sept. 1979-Feb. 1980 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1983/84 (cont.) 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1983/84 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1983(II) 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1982 (cont.) 

Box 12

Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1982 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1981-83 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1980-81 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC) 1979-80 
Degree Program Proposals Review Committee (UDPPRC), IUPUI med. School 
August 1983 
Departments W/in COAS & Other Schools 
Development Council, Bloomington 1984-88 
Development Workshop/Institute Proposal 1984 
Digital Equipment Corporation  
Disclaimer Policy & Procedures 1982 
Division of General/Technical Studies, 1982-83 
Ecology 1976-81 
Education 1980-81 
1978 Energy Recess 
Enrollment 1982-85 
APR Faculty Affairs Committee 1984-85 
Faculty Board of Review, Legislative History 1975-82 
Faculty Career Development Project 
Faculty Council: Faculty Survey 1983-84 
Faculty Council: Review of Grievance and Review Procedures 1981-82 
Faculty Development 1980-83 
Fac. Dev.: Academic Database Office of the Registrar 1982-83 
Fac. Dev.: Faculty Database 1983-84 
Fac. Dev.: Survey on Statistics Courses Spring 1983 

Box 13

Fac. Dev.: Survey on Statistics Courses (edited drafts) Spring 1983 
Faculty Development, List of Candidates 1989 
Faculty Development, Sorcinelli, Correspondence 
*MISSING* Faculty Development Application - Laurie Richlin 
*MISSING* Faculty Development Application - Audrey McCluskey 
*MISSING* Faculty Development Application - Bonnie Fisher 
*MISSING* Faculty Development Application - Paul Adams 
Faculty Development Application - Rosemary Allen 
Faculty Development Application - Margaret Helen Arter 
Faculty Development Application - Hassan Danesh 
Faculty Development Application - Jacqueline Dietz 
Faculty Development Application - Deana Johnson 
Faculty Development Application - David Jones 
Faculty Development Application - George Ridge 
Faculty Development Application - Robert Schwartz 
Faculty Development Application - Joseph Tingey 
Faculty Development Application - Donald P. Weir 
Faculty Development Application - Jean Williams 
Faculty Development articles 
Faculty Development Comm: Interviews and Questionnaires 
Faculty Fellowships (Comp. Literacy Funds) 1983-85 
 Todd Furniss, "New Opportunities for Faculty Members 1981" 
 Rush and Peacock, "Career Stages.." 1980 
 Entrekin and Everett, "Age and Midcareer Crisis..." 1981 
 Patterson and Schuttenberg, "Planning Career Advancement..." 1979 
 William Nelson, "Faculty Development..." 1979 
 Patrick Munley, "Erikson's Theory of Psychosocial..." 1977 
 Benner and Potter, Life Career Planning..." 1981 
 James Bess, integrating Faculty and Student Life Cycles" 
 Havinhurst, et al. "Male Social Scientists..." 1979  
 Janet Near, Research 1985-86 

Faculty Research Index/Survey 1980 
Faculty Studies 1980-83 
Fair Labor Standards Act 1976 
Fee Scholarships/Fee Remissions 1986-87 
Final Exam Policy 1980-82 
Financial Aid )including Report on Strategy Group) 1977-83 
FRED Committee Retreat 1986 
Fringe Benefits, BENEFACTS 1978-79 
Fringe Benefits Survey 1983-84 
Future Student Profile  
Futures Res. and Educ. Development (FRED) Committee 1984- 
Governmental Relations Office 1979-84 
*MISSING* Graduate Assistant Applications 1983-84 
Graduate Assistant Applications 1984-85 
Graduate Assistant Applications 1983-84 
Grievances: Faculty, 1983-85 
Grievances: Faculty, 1980-81 
Grievances: Faculty, 1978-79 
Grievances: Faculty and Staff 1981-82 
Grievances: Hall, Wilk, Wineman Committee Notes 1986 
Grievances: Student, 1985-86 
Grievances: Student, 1984-85 
Grievances: Student, 1983-84 
Grievances: Student, 1982-83 
Grievances: Student, 1981-82 
Grievances: Student 1980-81 
Grievances: Student 1979-80 
Grievances: Student Terry Hall 1986 

Box 14

Handbook Requests, in resp. to Creative Manag. in Higher Ed. Conf. 11/86 
Handicapped, Coordinating Committee on  1982-84 
Higher Education articles  
Honors Committee 1975-82 
Honors Division 1976-82 
Horizons of Knowledge 84/85
Horizons of Knowledge 82/83
Horizons of Knowledge 81/82
Horizons of Knowledge Completed 84/85
Horizons of Knowledge Completed 83/84
Horizons of Knowledge Completed 82/83
Horizons of Knowledge Curricular Program 1979/80 
Horizons of Knowledge New 1984/85
Horizons of Knowledge New 83/84
Hotel and Institutional Management Committee 1982-83 
Indiana Conference on Higher Education (ICHE) 1983-84 
Indiana Conference on Higher Education (ICHE) 1980-82 
Indiana Conference on Higher Education (ICHE) 1980-81

Box 15

Indiana School Boards Association  
IU Foundation Fund Raising Seminar 1985 
IU Newspaper Information & Job Opportunities 1984-88 
IU-Academic Women Coalition, Status of Women 
Inquiries: Jobs at IU 
Inquiries 1987-88 
Inquiries 1986-87 
Inquiries 1985-86 
Inquiries 1983-84 
Inquiries 1970-82 
Institute for Advanced Study 1985-86 
Institute for Advanced Study 1983-85 
Institute for Advanced Study, 1983-84 cont. Selection Committee 
Institute for Advanced study 1982 
Institute for Advanced Studies Annual Report of the Director 1984-85 
Institute for Advanced Studies Governing Board 1983-84 
Institute for Advanced Studies Governing Board 1982 
Institute for Advanced Study Selection Committee 1983-84 
Inst. for Study of Develop. Disabilities
Inst. for Study of Develop. Disabilities 1981-85 
Instructional Development, General 1982-93 
Instructional Development Committee 1985-86 
Instructional Development Fellowship/Grant Competition: Rating Forms 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Beckwith, Chris 
Instructional Development Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Bopp, Mary 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Boshkoff, Douglass G. 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Burrus, Kay and Fran 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: David, Alfred 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Davies, Dudley 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: DeMallie, Raymond J. 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Dwyer, Ellen 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Eaton, John 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Eoyang, Eugene 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Houdeshel, Harry F. 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Huntsman, Jeffery F. 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Kiziria, Dodona 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Lion, Elizabeth M. 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: McNaughton, Patrick 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Nakhnikian, George 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Pellerite, James 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Plotinshy, Melvin 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Ritchie, Ingrid 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Sherbondy, Jeanette 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Sklarski, Bonnie 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Smith, Gerald R. 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Thomson, Ian 
Instruc. Devel. Fellowship 1983-84 Application: Woodcock, John 
Instruc. Devel. Grant 1983-84 Application: Lane, N. Gary 
Instruc. Devel. Grant 1983-84 Application: Pietsch, Paul 
Instruc. Devel. Grant 1983-84 Application: Reidhaar, James W. 
Instruc. Devel. Grant 1983-84 Application: Riley, James C. 
Instructional Development Program 1984-85 
Instr. Development Program: Grants and Fellowships 1983-84 
Instructional Development Winners 1985-86  
Instructional Recruitment Log 1984-86  
Interdisciplinary Programs 1975-85 
Interdisciplinary Studies, Fine Arts 1985 
International Programs 1983-86 

Box 16

International Programs, Review of Dean 1983-84 
International Programs 1975-82 
International Services 1975-82 
Internationalizing Teacher Education 
Interview Frequencies/Cross Tabulation 
Interview Procedures 1975 
Interview Responses II-Inst. and Global Level and Career Directions 
Interview Responses I-Career Path, Personal Strengths/Concerns 
*MISSING* ISDD Advisory Board 1986-88 
IUIAS: Biomedical Sciences & Public Policy (Proposed Degree Program) 1984 
IUIAS Governing Board 1986-87 
APR: IUIAS Selection Committee 1985-86 
IUIAS Selection Committee 1984-85 
JARB (Joint Advisory Review Board) 1981-1988 
Jordan Prize, David Starr: 1984- 
Sean Kenyon 1985 
Learning Resources 1983-86 
Learning Resources 1980-82 
Learning Resources, Effective Teaching Workshop 
Legal Update September, 1983, vol. 2, no. 1 
Legal Update: vol. 2, no. 2, November 1983 
Legal Update, January 1984, vol. 2, no. 3 
Legal Update, vol. 2, no. 4 
Legal Update, Correspondence 
Letter to Academic Deans re: New Faculty Orientation 1985 
Letter to Admin. RE: New Fac/Lib Orientation 1985 
Letter to Chair re: New Faculty Orientation 1985 
Letter to New Faculty re: Orientation 1985 
Library, Policies 1974-79 
Libraries 1979-82 
Lilly Endowment Account 54-207-01 
Lilly Endowment 1974-1983 
Lilly Postdoc Fellowships Completed Evaluation Forms 1984-85 
Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowships: Completed Rating Forms 1983-84 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Mellonee Burnim, Afro-American Studies 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Judith Chafel, School of Education 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Todd Endelman, History/Jewish Studies 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Allen Grimshaw, Sociology 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Ray Hedin, English 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Janice Juraska, Psychology 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Music 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Consuelo Lopex-Morillas, Spanish and 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Betty Rose Nagle, Classical Studies 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Philip M. Podsakoff, Sch. of Business 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Gino Sorcinelli, Continuing Studies-Labor 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Arlington Williams, Economics 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Christopher I. Beckwith, Uralic & Altaic 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Daniel Callison, Library & Info. Sci. 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Henry R. Cooper, Jr., Slavic Lang. & Lit.  
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Ruth C. Engs, HPER 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Dennis S. Gouran, Speech Communication 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: F. Robert Jacobs, Business 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Paul Jesilow, Forensic Studies 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Dodona Kiziria, Slavic Lang. & Lit. 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Jerome R. Mintz, Anthropology 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Cornelia Nixon, English 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: D. Jeanne Patterson, SPEA 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Ingrid Ritchie, SPEA 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Barry Rubin, SPEA 
Lilly Postdoc. T.F. 1983-84: Rickie Sanders, Geography 

Box 17

List of Course Changes and Requests 1978-1982 
Living Learning Center 1980-82 
Log (Internal Openings) 1987-1988 
Long Range Planning 12/79-6/82 
Long Range Planning 2/79-11/79 
Mail/Bulletin Distr. Bulletin
Mail Log: July 1 - Dec. 31, 1987 
Mail Log: Jan. - July 1987 
Mail Log: July 1 - Dec. 31, 1986 
Mail Log: Jan. 1 - June 30, 1986 
Mail Log: July 1 - Dec. 31, 1985 
Mail Log: Jan 1 - Jun 30, 1985 
Mail Log, Jan. 1-June 30, 1984 
Mail Log July 1 - Dec. 31, 1984 
Mailing Label Requests 1986 

Box 18

Mailing Label Requests 1983-85 
Mailing Lists/use of 1983 
Mailing Lists/Use of 1975-1982 
Management Information Systems (MIS) Compensation 
Management Information Systems (MIS) Steering Committee 
Mathers Museum and Policy Committee 1974-82 
Merge School, Locus of Tenure 
Merged Schools, Issues 1975-1980 
Merged Schools, Promotion and Tenure Procedures 
Military Science Coordinator 
Minorities Consolidation - Furmer Hudson Proposal 1980-1981 
Misc. Accounts 1984 
Mobley, T. "Leadership in a Dynamic..: Paper at Fac. Dev. Conf. 1/14/86 
Monroe County Community School Corporation 1986 
Multidisciplinary Interview 1983-1988 
Multidisciplinary Program Committee Agendas 1984-85 
Multidisciplinary Programs General Information Packets 
Multidisciplinary Seminars 
Multidisciplinary Seminar: Insider/Outsider: American Indians 1985-86 
Multidisciplinary Seminar: Morbidity 1984-85 
Multidisciplinary Seminars Application: new Approaches to American Indian 
Studies 85-86 
Multi. Seminars Application Review Materials 1983-84 
Multidis. Seminars Committee Correspondence & Notes 1983 
Multidisciplinary Seminars, Expert Systems 84-85 
  Craig Nelson, Biology "Darwin in Perspective" 
  John Lovell, Pol. Sci. "Experience of War.." 
  Joan Hoff-Wilson, History "Pornography" 
  Beverly Stoelje, Folklore "Performance in Art & Society" 
  George Von Furstenberg, Economics, "The Treatment of Uncertainty.." 
  Charles Greer, EALC :Issue of Ethnicity & Nationality..."
  Susan Eklund, Ctr. on Aging "Values in Conflict"   
Multidisciplinary Seminars Questionnaires 1983-84 
Multidisciplinary Seminar Review 1987 
Multidisciplinary Seminar "Science & Technology" 1984-85 

Box 19

 Conway, et al. "Indiana Univ. Symp. on Andean Cosmology" 
 Hester. "Geocosmological Significance of Whetstone" 
 Kissel, et al. "Verification of Model Prediction.." 
 Kendall, "Introducing Critical Thinking..." 
 Wolin, et al. "La Picota: Photographing Columns of Justice..." 
 Bielasiak, et al. "Poland Between the Wars, 1918-1939" 
For 10/15/87 deadline: 
 Port, et al. " Dynamical Systems Approach to cognition..." 
 Hester, et al. "Geocosmological Significance of Whetstone..."
 Sebeok "Seminar on Semiotics & the Professions ..." 
 Wailes "Faust Through Four Centuries" 
 Sterrenburg, et al. "Preparation of a Darwin Anthology" 
 Hart, et al. "IU's Peace & Conflict Studies Program" 
 Singh, "Radio Program for Lay Public on Science & Technology" 
 Burgan, "Support to Bring the ACTER to IU 
 Hertz, et al. "The Rose Garden Conspiracy..." 
 Darriau, "Interdisciplinary Art Symposium I" 
 Brabson, "The Polish Renaissance in the European Context"
For 3/15/87 deadline: 
 Dwokin "Law, Science, & the Humanities" 
 Toth, "Mulitdis. Conference on Human Origins" 
 Evans "Original Music, Dance & Scenic Design for IU Arts Weekend" 
 Brown, et al. "Neo-Paganism: A Feminist Search for Religious..."
 Snygg "Darwin's Bestiary: A Madrigal with recitation..." 
 Stafford, et al. "Nursing Home as an American Institution" 
For 10/15/86 deadline: 
 Jones, "Kurosawa Project" 
 Bethel "The Efficacy of NLRB Bar Orders" 
 Arrom, et al. "Liberation and the Church in Latin American..."
 Ulrich, "Validation of Developmentally and Ecologically..." 
 Hart, et al. "Peace and Conflict Studies Speakers" 
 Carstensen, "Stress, Health and the Life Course of the...."
 Boerner, "Concepts of National Identity" 
 Klotman, "Tribute to Women Athletes of the Pan American Games"
 Houston, "The Bakkhai Program" 
 Stoeltje, "Conference on Feminism and Authority..." 
 Basgoz, "The 2nd International Conference on Turkic Studies 
 Brown, "Neo-Paganism: A feminist Search for Religious..." 
For 10/15/85 deadline: 
 Garnier, "The North-South Dialogue" 
 Greenebaum, Edwin: Understanding  Clinical Experience MVF 1/86 
 Boerner, Peter, "National Identity Award" West MVF 1-15-86 
 McCluskey, Audrey T., Women in Arts Award, Women's Stud. Program MVF 
 David Smith Award, Professional Leadership and the Common Good 3-15-86 
 Winold, Helga Award, Movement Analysis in String Playing, MVF 1986 
 Carpenter, Inta, Folklore Conference, Folklore (MVF 86-86) 10-15-85 
 Wailes, Stephen, Faust Conference, Germanic Studies MVF 10/15/85 
 Darriau, J.P., Multi. Ventures, Fine Arts 19/15/85 
 Hanawalt, Barbara, New Directions in Criminal Justice Ed., Ellen Dwyer 
 Starr, Harvey, (Ventures Fund Applic) Award 1985/August 19/15/85  33 

 Ventures Fund Application Award: 19/15/85 "Prelude to Swing Plus 50", 
H. Hudson 
 Vitellie, K.D., Canadian Paximadhi Exc., Keller, D.R. Classical 
Archaeology M. Venture 
 Eidel, Marcia, Symposium on Arts Adm Arts Adm Program (MVF 1/15/86) 
 Bieder, Robert, Wisconsin Indian History (MVF 85-86) Communities, Hist. 
 Hart, James, Peace Research/Conflict Relig Stud (MVF 84-85)
 Resolution Reappreciation MVF 85-86 3-15-86 
 Chaitin, Gilbert, Seminar on Lacan Award French/Italian Multi. Ventures 
84-85 1-15-86 
 Giere, Ronald, et al. Award MVF 1986 Science, Tech & Society Program 
(STS) 3-15-86 
National Science Foundation (NSF) 1969-1981 
New Course/Course Change INTERIM 1986-87 
New Course/Course Change INTERIM 1985-86 
New Course/Course Change INTERIM 1984-85 
New Course/Course Change INTERIM 1982-84 
New Course/Course Change Request, Bloomington 1987-88 
New Course/Course Change Request, Bloomington 1987-88 
New Course/Course Change Request, Bloomington 1986-87 

Box 20

New Course/Course Change Request, Bloomington 1986-87 
New Course/Course Change Request, Regional 1987-88 
New Course/Course Change Request, Regional 1986-87 
New Faculty Lunches 1984-85 
New Faculty Bio-Sketches 1983-84 
New Faculty Orientation 1985-86 
New Faculty Orientation 1983 
New Faculty Orientation 1980-1982 
New Faculty Orientation, Bio-sketches 1984 
New Faculty Orientation, General 1984-85 
New Faculty Orientation, Information Packet 1984 
New Faculty Orientation Packet 1985 
New Faculty/Librarians Reception 1986 
New Faculty Women 1983-84 
News Bureau, IU 1978-86 
Non-Log Recruitment Ads 1987-88 
Non-Log Recruitment Ads 1986-87 
Non-Log Recruitment Ads 1985-86 
Non-Log Recruitment Ads 1984-85 
Non-Log Recruitment Ads 1983-84 
Non-Log Recruitment Ads 1982-83 
Orientation Program, New Students 1982-86 
Office of School Programs 1983-84 
Office of School Programs, Coordinators, General 1980-83 
Office of School Programs, Coordinator, School Foreign Language 
Office of School Programs, Coordinator, Social Science 1982-84 
Outstanding Service Award Folders 
  Ernst Bernhardt-Kabisch 1988-89 
  Patrick O'Meara 1988-89 
  Harry Yamaguchi 1988-89 
  James B. Christoph 
  Herman Hudson 1987-88 
  Donald Gray 1987-88 B
Patten Abortive Nominations
Patten Abortive Nominations 1984-85
Patten Abortive Nominations 1983-84
Patten Abortive Nominations 1981

Box 21

Patten Rejects 1986-87
Patten Rejects 1985-86
Patten Rejects 1984-85
Payroll 1975-86 
Personnel 1982-86 
Planning for Excellence 1982 
Planning for Excellence 1983 
Planning for Excellence 1984 
POD Presentation on Career Development, October 1985 
Position Vacancies, Other Institutions 
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships 1984-85 
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships 1983-84 
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships 1982-83 
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships 1981-82 
Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowships 1980-81 
Poynter Center 1977-79 
President, office of
President of Univ. of Notre Dame Inauguration, Sept. 23, 1987
Pre-Tenure Advising Project 1983 
Professional Employees Benefit Review Committee 1984- 
Professional Exempt 1979-83 
Professional Practice Program 1980-81 
Professional Staff Review Committee 
Program Elimination Procedures: Univ. of Washington (Seattle) 
Promotion and Tenure: Committees 1984-85 
Promotion and Tenure: Committees 1983-84 
Promotion and Tenure: Committees 1978-83 
Promotion and Tenure: Fac. Statements on Teaching, Res. and Ten. for P&T 
Handbook 1985 
Promotion and Tenure: Michigan State U. Policy Issues 

Box 22

Promotion and Tenure: Tenure Credit 1976- 
Promotion and Tenure: Tenure Locus 1977- 
Promotion and Tenure: Tenure Status Forms 1970- 
Promotion and Tenure Dossiers Seminar Packet (orig.) Educ. 1985 
Quality Improvement Requests 1981-83 
Radiation Safety Committee 1984- 
Rating Form-Research Ranks 
Reappointments during 1980-81 
Reappointments during 1981-82, 1983-84 
Reappointments during 1979-80 
Reappointments during 1978-79 
Reappointments during 1977-78 
Reappointments during 1976-77 
Reappointments during 1975-76 
Reappointments during 1974-75 
Reappointments during 1973-74 
Reappointments During 1971-72 
Reappointments during 1972-73 
Recorder's Committee (School) 1980-84 
Recruitment Forms 1977- 
Registration Bloomington 1979-80
Registration Bloomington, 1980-81 part 1 
Registration Bloomington, 1980-81 part 2
Registration Bloomington, 1981-82 part 1
Registration Bloomington, 1981-82 part 2
Registration Bloomington, 1981-82 part 3
Registration Bloomington, 1982-83
Registration: Computerized 1981-84
Registration Project 1982
Registration System 1981-82
Requests, general 
Requests for papers, AERA conference 

Box 23

Research and Graduate Development 1985-86 
Research and Graduate Development 1984-85 
Research and Graduate Development 1983-83, 1983-84 
Research and Graduate Development 1981-82 
*MISSING* Research and Graduate Development 1980-81  33 
Research and Graduate Development Annual Reports 1983-86 
Research and Graduate Development: Committees Appointed 
Research Ranks
Research Ranks 1980-81 
Research Ranks 1982 
Research Ranks 1981-82 
Research Ranks 1981-82 
Research Ranks 1982-83 
Research Ranks 1979-1980 
 Jean Umiker-Sebeok, Semiotic Stud., Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Elisabeth Raff, Biology, Research Ranks Reviewer 
 John Challifour, Math/Physics, Research Ranks Reviewer
 Al Wertheim, R&GD, Research Ranks Reviewer
 John Patrick, Education, Research Ranks Reviewer 
 James Haskett, Academic Computing, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Bozena Jemilo, chemistry, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Proposal for Research Ranks, Biology, 1987 
 John Spieth, Biology, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Kathleen Matthews, Biology, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Todd Thompson, Geology, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Chi-Kin Lam, Geology, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Donald Hattin, Geology, Research Ranks Reviewer 
 E.J. Stephenson, Physics, Research Ranks 1986-87 
 Joel A. Eaton, Astronomy, Research Ranks, Associate Scientist 1986-87 
 Louise B. Hammer, Slav. Lang. and Lit., Res. Ranks, Assoc. Schol. 
Reserve Officer's Training Corp (ROTC) 1981-86 
Reserve Officer's Training Corp (Navy) NROTC) Survey 
Residence Life 1980-85 
Responses to Administrator 
Responses to Administrator/Academic Leader 1986-87 
Responses to career development Unit Reports 
Retirement Options: ACE Seminar 1982 
Revised Faculty Questionaire: Responses
Rosecrance, Gail 1984 
Sabbatical 1980-81 
Sabbatical and Leave Opportunities-MDS 3/86 
Sabbatical Leaves 1983-84 
Sabbatical Leaves 1984-86 
Sabbatical Leaves Committee 1983-87 

Box 24

Sabbatical Leaves Committee 1972-82 
Sabbatical Leaves Committee, Scheduling Folder 1985-88 
Sabbatical leaves, Policies and Procedures 1975-81 
Salary Complaints, Faculty 1983-84 
Salary Complaints, Faculty 1984-85 
Salary Complaints 1985-86 
Salaries, Faculty 1978-81 
Schmidt, Donatella 1985 
Search and Screen-New Associated Dean of Faculties 1981 
Seminar on Retention 1981 
Soc. Stud. Development Cent. , FIPSE Proj., Internationalizing Educ. 
Staff, Academic Aid Position 1984-85 
STAFF, Asst, Assoc, Dean for Teaching 1972 
Statistics Committee (joint w/R&GD)  
"Strategies for Studying Client Satisfaction" by B. Gutek 1978 
Student: Death and Serious Injury Committee 
Student Health, Measles 1983  3M3 
Student Health Service: CaPS 
Student Information 
Student Services (Dean for) 1975 
Student Services, IUPUI 1983 
Students, Dean of, Search and Screen 
Summer Sessions 1984 
"Survival Kit" for Seminar Organizers and Participants 
Teacher Education, Campus Coordination Committee 1962-82 
Teaching, Campus Committee on 1983 
Teaching, Campus Committee on 1982 

Box 25

Teaching: Conference on, Critical Thinking 1984- 
Teaching in the Performing Arts 1985 
The Teaching Professor 
Teaching Professor mass Mailing 
Teaching Professor Test Site 1987-88 
Teaching Resources Center  
(New) Technology 
Telecommunications Committee 1986 
Tenure Policy Issues Michigan State Univ. 1984
Terminated Staff 1985-86 
Terminated Staff 1984-85 
Terminated Staff 1984 
Terminated Staff 1983 
Terminated Staff 1982 
Terminated Staff 1981  
Terminated Staff 1980
Terminated Staff 1975 
Transportation Department, Vehicle Rates 
Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee 
Travel 1987-88 
Travel Policies 1980-88 
Travel Requests & Vouchers 1986-87 
Undergraduate Life 1983-89 
*MISSING* UFC: Honorary Degrees Committee 1981-85 
University Division 1983-89 
University Division Advisory Committee 
University Organization Review, Task Force 1985 
Univ. Heritage Comm. (formerly Hoosier Heritage Hall Bldg. comm.) 1979-82  
University Relations 1982-87 
University Reorganization, Task Force on 1986
Vice President Bloomington Review 1984 
Vice President's Representation Allowance 
Vice President's Staff, (March 10 forward) 1986-87 
Vice President's Staff, 1986-87 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1985-86 (7/85-12/85) 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1985-86 (1/86-6/86) 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1984-85 (1/85/-6/85) 

Box 26

Vice President's Staff Meetings 1984-85 (7/84-12/84) 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1983-84 (cont.) 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1983-84 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1982  33 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1981 
Vice President's Staff Meetings 1979-80 
Visitor's Center 
Vocational Education 1983 
Vocational Education 1975-82 
Vocational and Technical Programs 1982 
Vocational Technical Programs 1983 
Vocational Technical Programs 1981
Wang 1984 
Wang Information 
IU Women in Science Final Report 1979 
Women's Faculty Club Board 1985-86 
Women's Faculty Club Minutes 1986-87 
Word Processing, Objectives/Policies 1980-82 
Work Family Comments from Interviews 
Work/Life Satisfaction Articles, J. Near 
Work/Non Work Life Recoding, MD 

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