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Faculty and Staff

(includes special projects and initiatives staff that use ATM facilities)

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Alan Burdette
(812) 855-8634
email: aburdett

Marilyn Graf
(812) 855-8633
email: atmusic

Suzanne Mudge
(812) 855-8631
email: smudge

Interim Coordinator for Recording Services
Ilze Akerbergs
(812) 855-0435

Office Services Assistant
Rachel Caswell
(812) 855-4679
email: rcaswell

Graduate Assistants, Recording Services
Kathleen Kuo:
Juan Rojas: jsrojas
Tiffany Schoneboom:
Masatomo Yonezu: myonezu

Library Assistants
Ilze Akerbergs: iakerber
Ayelet Brinn: abrinn
Dave Lewis: davdalew
Jeff Lyon: jeylon
Laura Thompson: thompslb

Director of Media Preservation Services (MPI)
Mike Casey
(812) 855-8090
email: micasey

Preservation Audio Engineer (MPI)
John Dawson
email: dawsonjh

Collections Processing Coordinator (MPI)
Susan Hooyenga
(812) 855-0368
email: shooyeng

Coordinator of Liberian Collections Project
Verlon Stone
(812) 856-0782
email: stonevl