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Japanese Min’yo and Shakuhachi
02/28/2014 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Hoagy Carmichael Room - Bloomington
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Japanese Min’yo and Shakuhachi with Masatomo Yonezu and Friends

Please join us on Friday, February 28th as the Archives of Traditional Music presents a performance/lecture on Japanese min'yo (民謡, folk song) and shakuhachi (尺八, Japanese bamboo flute) with singer Molly Jeon, shakuhachi player Masatomo Yonezu, and drummer Ryan Lidster. The performers will share unique sounds of min'yo and their experiences in the min'yo world.

Min'yo is a genre of Japanese traditional music, which originated from the daily lives of the people as work, religious and entertainment songs. Since the industrialization of Japan, these songs have been arranged and performed in competitions, festivals, ceremonies and advertisement. Featuring selected songs, Molly Jeon focuses on the inheritance system of min'yo and her vocal training from a bi-musical perspective. Masatomo Yonezu shares his learning experience of shakuhachi in a Japanese Folk Song Troop.

Molly Adkins Jeon: In just four years after her first min’yo lesson in Japan, Molly became the Grand Champion of the Japan Folk Song Association Folk Song & Dance Kita Kanto Koshin-etsu Area Competition in 1995. She received her MA in musicology from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts in 1999 with research on the Japanese singing voice.  Molly has performed Japanese folk song in a variety of venues, including NHK, in Japan and continues to actively perform at Japanese Festivals and gives workshops throughout the U.S. Molly currently teaches Japanese and ENL at Bloomington High School North.

Masatomo Yonezu is a graduate student in Ethnomusicology whose research focuses on East African traditional music. He started learning shakuhachi when he inherited one from his grandfather. Belonging to Suginoko-kai (a Japanese Folk Song Troop) based in Shizuoka prefecture, he began studying min'yo-style pieces and local songs. He has performed the shakuhachi in several local venues as well as at Shizuoka City Festival 2012 as a member of the troop. In the US, he has played the shakuhachi with Molly Jeon at several cultural events in Bloomington.

Ryan Lidster completed a double major in Music Performance and Foreign Languages at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR, before going to Akita, Japan to teach English for three years.  There, he became a member of two taiko associations, participating in annual festivals such as Akita's Kanto festival as well as taiko competitions in the Tohoku region. Currently, he is a PhD student in Second Language Studies at Indiana University Bloomington, and has current research projects concerning language assessment, second language phonology, and second language pragmatics, with particular focus on Japanese and ESL.


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