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Newsletter I September 2002

Welcome to the first quarterly newsletter from the East Asian Collection. I hope that you will find its information useful. If you have any comments, please feel free to contact me.

New Purchases and Subscriptions

Following are brief statements about notable purchases and subscriptions since June:

  • Beijing tu shu guan gu ji zhen ben cong kan, 120 v. (北京图书馆古籍珍本叢刊)

  • Chinese Academic Journals (Literature/History/Philosophy) Database
    China Academic Journals Database is the largest comprehensive online full-text and image database in China. I.U. Bloomington campus subscribes to its Literature/History/Philosophy section, which provides full-text access to 451 Chinese periodicals related to literature, history, and philosophy in the current year of 2002/2003. The database can be accessed by faculty and students connected to any IUB server from the following URL: 

    The computers on the 8th floor of the Main Library are installed appropriately the language viewer for the display of the Chinese text. I am still working on the user guide for remote users’ access to the database.
  • China Online (
    We have a 10 concurrent users’ access to the Website; searches are free; reading articles require each user to log in one time with the account name: iustudent and the password: china2k3. 
  • Choson tae paekkwa sajon, 30 v. (조선대백과사전)
    Korean encyclopedia set published in North Korea. The set will be shelved in the Oriental Reference Section.
  • Di fang zhi ren wu zhuan ji zi liao cong kan. Dongbei juan, 12 v.
    (地方志人物传记资料丛刊. 東北卷)
  • Di fang zhi ren wu zhuan ji zi liao cong kan. Xi bei juan, 20 v.
    (地方志人物传记资料丛刊. 西北卷)
    The entire collectanea include five sets. We just acquired the Northeast and Northwest sets of this important collectanea on the local histories of China. We will continue to purchase the remaining sets later this year.
  • Gendai Nihon jinmeiroku, 4 v. (現代日本人名錄, 2002)
    According to IUCAT, the most recent biographical dictionary on contemporary Japanese was published in 1994. This is an up-to-date version published in 2002, which will be shelved in the Oriental Reference Section.
  • Japanese manga series
    With the Freeman grants, we were able to purchase several well-known Japanese manga series.
  • Nagano-ken kyoikushi, 18 v. (長野県敎育史)
  • Nichi-bei nenkan, 12 v. (日米年鑑)
  • Nihon shokuminchi bungaku seisenshu, dai 1-ki, 20 v.
    We will purchase the dai-2 ki (27 v.) later in the year.
  • Qing dai gu ben fang zhi xuan, 60 v. (清代孤本方志選)

We purchased Ming dai gu ben fang zhi xuan, 12 v. (明代孤本方志選), earlier in the year.


We continue to improve the East Asian Collection Webpage. Please feel free to send us comments and ideas.

ALF Project

Beginning in March 2003, selected books for the ALF (Auxiliary Library Facility) Project will be transferred to ALF. The East Asian Collection filled the ALF quota (4,500 volumes) in 2002.

Book Recommendations

Please send in book purchase recommendations for the 2003 fall semester so that we can ensure timely receipt of books and periodicals.

Useful Services in the Library

The Reference Department is offering free workshops this semester on a variety of topics: using the new IUCAT interface, finding electronic journals, doing historical research, web search tips, and much more. For a complete listing of sessions and descriptions, and to register, please visit:

The web-based application to display new title lists is available at Note that you can limit your search by call number; you can also limit by location but can select only one location at a time. This application can be used to generate a selected list of new titles, but completeness cannot be guaranteed. If you have any questions on how to search, please let me know.

The IUB Libraries will launch a new Website in mid-September. The new Website, which contains roughly 6,000 pages, is designed to improve navigation and provide a consistent path to the information you need.
Wireless network access for faculty studies in the Research Collection stacks: LIT (Library Information Technology) has connected all faculty studies with the network on all floors in the Research Collection. Eventually, LIT plans to install enough wireless access points to cover graduate carrels. Users will need to have a wireless access card which plugs into their laptop; the IU Bookstore sells these. UITS (University Information Technology Services) will handle support issues.