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Newsletter VI March 2005

As we are approaching the middle of the semester, I wish you a belated Happy New Year. The goal of our newsletter is to keep you informed of recent new purchases of the East Asian Collection and useful services in the Library. Please don’t hesitate to send in purchase recommendations so that we can ensure timely receipt of books and periodicals. If you have any comments, feel free to contact me.

General Information

New Database Trial

Choson Ilbo (Choson Newspaper) Archives
Trial Period: February 23-April 15, 2005
Resource description: The Choson Ilbo Archives provide full-text news articles of the newspaper from 1920 to the present.

Databases Related to East Asian Studies

Included here are databases we currently subscribe to.

Chinese Studies

Japanese Studies

English Databases Related to East Asian Studies

NEH Library Challenge Grant

Thanks to your strong support, the NEH Library Challenge Grant awarded the East Asian Collection $5,500 for the purchase of the microfilm version of Asahi Shinbun (朝日新聞), 1965-1968, and $1,000 for the enhancement of the East Asian film collection.

Display Cases

There are currently two displays related to the course "Traditional East Asian Civilization: Focus on Korea" t aught by Prof. Lynn Struve. Please go to the Information Commons to see the display about the "Portraits of Korean Women." The second display, "Portrayal of Choson Scholars," is located outside room E851 on the 8th floor, Main Library.

Please let me know if you want to do a display for your classes, and we can work on the details.

New Purchases Since October 2004

New Purchases

Onna daigaku shiryo shusei. Tokyo : Ozorasha, 2003.
女大学資料集成. 東京: 大空社, 2003.

"Teikoku senso to bungaku", 30 vols. Tokyo: Yumani shobo, 2004-2005.
「帝国戦争と文学」, 30 vols. 東京: ゆまに書房, 2004-2005.

Zhongguo dao guan zhi cong kan, 36 vols. Yangzhou shi: Guang ling shu she, 2000.
中國道觀志叢刊, 36 vols. 揚州市 : 廣陵書社, 2000.

Zhongguo dao guan zhi cong kan xu bian, 28 vols. Yangzhou shi: Guang ling shu she, 2004.
中國道觀志叢刊续编, 28 vols. 揚州市 : 廣陵書社, 2004.

We continued to purchase various subject-oriented dictionaries and Japanese mangas with the Freeman Grants.

New Serials Subscriptions

Zhongguo jiao yu tong ji nian jian (中国敎育统计年鉴)
Zhongguo lu shi (中国律师)

Services and Changes in the Library

Space issue

The shifting project on the 8th floor is almost completed, thanks to the coordination efforts from all sides, particularly staff of the Department of Circulation and Security. The overall plan is to divide the empty shelving sections equally between the General Collection and the East Asian Collection.

New Workstations

With cooperation from Library Information Technology, we successfully added Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts to the new computers on the 8th floor. Please use the following "A Quick Guide on Selection of East Asian Fonts" to use the two workstations.

A Quick Guide on Selection of East Asian Fonts

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for selecting East Asian fonts on the two public workstations located on the 8th floor, Main Library. It is not for other workstations in the library.

Logon to the workstation à click on the language setting EN in the lower right corner à select the language you want to use, for example, Chinese (PRC) à Select Chinese Simplified—Quanpin if you want to input both simplified and traditional Chinese (Select Chinese Simplified –Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0, if you want to input only simplified Chinese) à you may start to input the Chinese script.

The steps for selecting Japanese and Korean are similar to that of Chinese, and more straightforward. Please let me know if you have any questions.