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Newsletter IX December 2006

Please don’t hesitate to send in purchase recommendations. If you have any comments, feel free to contact me.

General Information

East Asian Collection Web page

There is a new look to the main page of the EA Collection web page: ( With the update, you may click on your specific subjects, such as “Chinese Studies,” “Japanese Studies,” and “Korean Studies” for all related links.

Selected New Purchases

Chosŏn hyangt'o taebaekkwa, 20 vols. = Encyclopedia of North Korean Geography and Culture. Sŏul-si : Pʻyŏnghwa Munje Yŏnʾguso, 2005.
조선향토대백과, 20 vols. 서울시 : 평화문제연구소, 2005.

Gendai Nihon joshi kyōiku bunkenshū, 31 vols. Tōkyō : Nihon Tosho Sentā, 2004-2005.
現代 日本 女子 教育 文献集, 31 vols. 東京 : 日本 図書 センター, 2004-2005.

Quan Song wen, 360 vols. Shanghai: Shanghai ci shu chu ban she, 2006.
全宋文, 360 册. 上海: 上海辞书出版社, 2006.

Zhongguo jin dai gu ji chu ban fa xing shi liao cong kan bu bian, 24 vols. Beijing: Xian zhuang shu ju, 2006.
中国近代古籍出版发行史料丛刊补编, 24 vols. 北京 : 线装书局, 2006.

New Serials Subscriptions

Chinese Journal of International Politics

Display Cases

There are currently two displays: “Aspects of Korean Folklore” at the Information Commons, and “The Buddhist and Daoist Paintings” on the 8th fl. of the Research Collection. Please let me know if you want to do a display for your classes, and we can work on the details.

Services and Changes in the Library

Proposal for Digitizing Local Collections (please send your proposed titles to me by December 15, 2006)

The digitization project of Indiana University Libraries’ local collections plans to expand access to locally held materials by reformatting (primarily text-based) library holdings. These local digitization activities will complement regional (e.g., CIC, Indiana State Library) and national (e.g., Google Five, Open Content Alliance, GPO) projects. The focus at Indiana University will be on unique materials, titles of local interest, and collections of special strength. 
Criteria used in the selection and prioritization of materials for digitization include:

  • conservation
  • enhanced access
  • historical and cultural value
  • research significance
  • support for teaching and learning

Please let me know your comments on this project, and your recommendations for digitizing materials for either research or teaching purposes.

Scholarly Communication (please contact Prof. Richard Rubinger if you are interested in participating in the project)

The first project of Scholarly Communication is IUScholarWorks:

IUScholarWorks serves as a repository for the work of individual faculty members. It is a set of services from the IU Libraries and Digital Library Program to make the work of IU scholars freely available while insuring that these resources are preserved and organized for the future. Frequently asked questions related to the project are at:

VPN installation – This will configure your computer to connect to the IU network from an off-campus or wireless network connection.

  • At your home computer, go to IUware at
  • Select “Networking” at the right column
  • Select VPN Installers
  • Select “Windows XP VPN Installer for IUB”
  • Click on “download”

A Quick Guide on the Selection of East Asian Fonts on Windows XP --

For example, to use Chinese language settings in Windows XP in the Student Technology Centers (STCs), follow these steps:
  • From the Start menu, choose Settings, then open the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, choose Date, Time, Language & Regional options, then Regional and Language Options.
  • In the box that appears, choose the Languages tab, and under "Text services and input languages", click Details... .
  • Next to the " Installed services" section, click the Add... button. From the drop-down menu, select Chinese (PRC) and then check the Keyboard Layout/IME checkbox and select Chinese Simplified—Quanpin or Chinese Simplified –Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0. This installs the Microsoft version of the IME (Input Method Editor). Click OK

The steps for selecting Japanese and Korean are similar to that of Chinese, and more straightforward.

Circulation of Periodicals in ALF

In order to provide the best service to our users, the Library has changed the circulation status of most periodicals in the ALF to NORMAL. This means that most of the periodicals in ALF (except Lilly or Archives holdings in the ALF, or pre-1821 publications) can now be circulated in the same way as monographs.