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Newsletter XIII March 2009

Database Trial | New Databases
New Development of Asahi Shinbun, Kikuzo II 聞蔵 II
New Serials Subscriptions | Display
Latest News and Services in the Library

Database Trial

Database: Du xiu 读秀


Trial Period: Present until April 30, 2009

Du xiu is a major product of the SuperStar Digital Library 超星数字图书馆 in Beijing. As representatives of SuperStar are visiting IU, we will hold a discussion session about >the database on Tuesday, March 31 from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon in E174, Wells Library.

Resource Description: Du xiu is a huge content-based database composed of 600,000,000 full-text pages (full-text, books, articles, theses, web pages, newspapers) with very flexible searches. Using the book-title filter, one can read a limited number of pages directly on-line, and in many cases you can email to yourself 50 pages or 1/5th of a book, whichever is less, once per week by clicking on 图书馆文献传递中心 Within 3 to 5 minutes a link will be sent to your email box, and by clicking that link, you can read the text online, and print it out (6 pages at a time).

Make sure to look in your junk-mail folder, for we have experienced on occasion that a link was sent there. Please experiment with the many other useful features and functions in Du xiu, such as My library, Movie and Music searches, catalog searches, etc.

Database: E-Korean Studies

Trial Link:

The trial period is extended to March 31, 2009. Please let me know your feedback by the end of March.

Resource Description: E-Korean Studies includes the following eleven databases of full-text journal articles and e-books: Koreanstudies Information Service System (KISS), KSI e-book, Electronic Journal Service DBpia, Knowledge Reference Service (KRpia), Digital Culture Art Course, KoreaA2Z, Kdatabase (a database of modern and contemporary Korean history), Kpjournal (a database of North Korea's academic science journals), Korean History & Culture Research Database, History Cultural Series, and LawnB Legal Information Service. The combined contents cover all academic disciplines.

New Databases

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism (New database since November 2008)

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, published by Charles Muller, is a compilation of Buddhist terms, texts, temples, schools, persons, etc. that are found in East Asian Buddhist canonical sources.

Century Journals Social Sciences

We now have full-text access to articles of retrospective issues (1906-1993) of academic journals from the following series:

  • Series F: Literature/History and Philosophy
  • Series G: Politics/Military Affairs/Law
  • a>Series H: Education/Social Sciences
  • Series J: Economics

JapanKnowledge Plus NR

Due to a new pricing structure of the publisher, starting from April IUB's subscription of JapanKnowledge is upgraded to JapanKnowledge Plus NR. In addition to the databases, JapanKnowledge, Jitsu, and Rekishi Chimei Taikei, Nikkoku Online (日本国語大辞典, 2nd edition) will be added to the group.

New Development of Asahi Shinbun, Kikuzo II, 聞蔵 II

You will find a new section, "歴史写真," after logging on to Kikuzo II ( This new section of "Historical Photo Archive," which contains photos from before the war and during the war, was added to the database in January 2009. We were informed that news from 1926-1946 will be added to Kikuzo II in the PDF format sometime in 2009. In spring 2010, news of the Meiji and Taisho periods will be added to Kikuzo II.

You can search for news from the regional versions of Asahi Shinbun from 1985 to the present, and here are the steps to follow:

  • Login to Asahi Shinbun Kikuzo II; click on "詳細検索" under "検索モード.
  • In the category of "発行社" under "検索オプション," you will find the following publishing places, 東京, 大阪, 名古屋, 西部, and 北海道.
  • Select the ones you are interested in searching.

New Serials Subscriptions


Bei da shang ye ping lun 北大商业评论 = PKU business review

Mang zhong 芒种

Min jian gu shi xuan kan 民间故事选刊

Ou Ya xue kan 欧亚学刊 = Eurasian studies

Wen shi 文史

Zhongguo xue shu 中国学术

Zhonghua yi chan 中华遗产 = Chinese heritage


Nihon no ronten 日本の論点


Jendā shigakuジェンダー 史学 = Gender history

Japonisumu kenkyūジャポニスム研究 = Studies in Japonisme


Haengpok i katuhan jip 행복이 가득한집

Hanʾguk yŏsŏnghak 한국여성학

Kyŏngjehak yŏnʾgu 經濟學硏究

Seoul journal of Korean studies

Yŏnghwa yŏngu 영화연구

Yua kyoyuk yon'guk 유아교육연구


Please come to see the display Japanese Ceramics: Poetic Design outside Room E851 in the East Asian Collection. Please let me know if you want to do a display for your classes, and we can work on the details.

Latest News and Services in the Library

New East Asian Titles in IUB Libraries

A link to the "New East Asian Titles" (, was recently created. You are now able to view the newly cataloged Chinese, Japanese, and Korean titles from the webpage.

The Tables of Contents of Selected East Asian Journals

The scanned image files of East Asian Table of Contents of Selected Journals are now respectively posted at Table of Contents of Selected Chinese Journals, Table of Contents of Selected Japanese Journals, and
Table of Contents of Selected Japanese Journals.

Scholarly Communication

IUScholarWorks serves as a repository for the work of individual faculty members; it preserves, organizes, and makes freely available the works of IU scholars. Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the project.

Faculty Office Visits

Too tired to come to the Wells Library? A new service is designed for faculty members of East Asian studies at this beginning stage. Please email Wen-ling Liu ( to schedule a library consultation in your office. I can come over on Fridays to demonstrate new library databases and services related to East Asian studies.

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) Multi-Volume Grants

Thanks to strong support letters from Professor Michiko Suzuki, East Asian Languages & Cultures Department, and Dr. Moira Smith, Folklore and Ethnomusicology Bibliographer, we were granted to purchase Nihon warabeuta zenshū 日本わらべ歌全集 and Nihon no warabeuta 日本のわらべ歌 at 50 % level. The purchase of these two sets, songs and lyrics collected from forty-seven prefectures in Japan, will enhance our collection of Japanese folk music and songs, culture, literature, and education.