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Newsletter XV January 2010

Library Research Seminar | New Development of Electronic Resources
New Serials Subscriptions| Latest News and Services in the Library

Spring 2010 Library Research Seminars

  • Introduction to the E-Korean Studies Database: This is an introductory session to demonstrate how to access and search the 11 databases included in E-Korean Studies.

    Wednesday, January 20, 12 noon-1:00 p.m. in Room W302 (3rd floor, West Tower of the Wells Library)
    Instructors: Wen-ling Liu and Hyeran Kang

To register, please go to It is listed as the third session from the top.  Please select the box with the time and date. Scroll down the screen, and enter your name, department, and email address at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the Library research seminars, special sessions are available to faculty members and graduate students who would like to include a library presentation in their courses or to have an individual session.

New Development of Electronic Resources

  • New Database

We canceled the subscription to MagazinPlus in November 30, 2009, and will start on January 1, 2010, our subscription to Zasshi kiji sakuin shusei DB   雑誌記事索引集成データベース  (The complete database of Japanese magazine and periodicals from the Meiji Era to the present).  This database indexes and contains bibliographic data to over 11 million Japanese-language articles published in Japan, including those in former Japanese colonies, from 1868 to the present.  

  • Japanese E-books

Thanks to an additional Title VI funding for 2009/2010, we were able to purchase twenty-seven Japanese e-books.  They belong to a project to promote electronic resources related to East Asia.  Users can now view these books in full text in the NetLibrary database  Here is the procedure:

    1. Under “Basic Search,” select “Japanese.”
    2. Next to “Full-Text,” input any Japanese scripts.
    3. You will then see a list of twenty-seven Japanese titles.

  • Access to Siku Quanshu 四庫全書

The Siku Quanshu database was migrated to a new platform, the Citrix server.  Please be sure to go to “How to log in” and follow the on-campus and off-campus access guidelines there.  It is a one-time-only installation, and here are the steps to follow:

After the installation, please go to Si Ku Quan Shu 文淵閣四庫全書 under Chinese Studies – Electronic Databases at and click on Si ku Quan Shu. The Citrix server will lead you to the database. You will see a purple Login sign in the toolbar. Open it, and select “IP Login" to access the database.
The instruction for “For use at home” is similar to the instruction of “For use in on-campus offices.”

  • IUB’s Coverage of CNKI (中国知网) – Please be aware that IUB has unlimited access rights to all the databases we subscribe to with CNKI.  Don’t ever select “log off” because it will confuse the databaseHere is a list of all the databases:

China Academic Journals (CAJ) 
Literature/History/Philosophy, 1994-now
    Economics, 1994-now
    Military Affairs/Politics/Law, 1994-now
    Education/Social Sciences, 1994-now

Century Journals Social Sciences,from first issue to 1993 
Literature/History and Philosophy Series, Politics/Military Affairs/Law Series,
Education/Social Sciences Series, and Economics Series

China Doctor Dissertations Full-text Database, 2000-
China Master Dissertations Full-text Database, 2000-
China Core Newspapers Full-text Database, 2007-
Politics/Military/Law Series, Economics Series, Education/Society Series, and
Love/Marriage/Family/Health Series

Please note that you can search for news from the regional versions of Asahi Shinbun from 1985 to the present.  Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Login to Asahi Shinbun Kikuzo II; click on "詳細検索" under "検索モード." 
  2. In the category "発行社" under "検索オプション," you will find the following publishing places: 東京, 大阪, 名古屋, 西部, and 北海道. 
  3. Select the ones you are interested in.

New Serials Subscriptions

Dang dai mei shu jia當代美術= Modern Artists

Dang dai zong jiao yan jiu当代宗教硏= Contemporary Religious Studies

Japanese Journal of Political Science [electronic resource]

Min zu wen ti yan jiu民族问题硏= Studies of Ethnic Problems

Latest News and Services in the Library

The Library is conducting a vigorous promotion for the development of IUScholarWorks!IUScholarWorks, which serves as a repository for the work of individual faculty members; it preserves, organizes, and makes freely available the works of IU scholars.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the project.  We will resolve the copyright issues for you.

  • Shifting Project  of  the East Asian Collection

The book shifting project of the East Asian Collection on the 8th floor continues, and we hope that the project will be completed before the end of the spring semester.

  • East Asian Collection Web Page Updated

The Collection web page at is our gateway to Internet users.  In order to make our collection more visible, we have continued to review the existing web pages, added new content, and kept the links up to date. 

Please try searches of full-text Chinese, Japanese, and Korean titles in the HathiTrust Digital Library and the Google Books.  The number of full-text books is limited because of copyright issues, but you may view books published between the late 19th century and the 1st decade of the 20th century.

  • Faculty Office Visits

Too tired to come to the Wells Library?  A new service is designed for faculty members of East Asian studies at this beginning stage.  Please email Wen-ling Liu [] to schedule a library consultation in your office.   I can come over on Fridays to demonstrate new library databases and services related to East Asian studies. 

  • New Dean of University Libraries Hired

Brenda L. Johnson, from the University of California, Santa Barbara Library, will assume her position as IU’s Dean of University Libraries on March 1, 2010. 

It is the beginning of a new semester, and the Year of the Tiger (2010庚寅虎年) is coming on February 14!  Please don’t hesitate to let me know your book recommendations for your courses and researches!

Submitted 1/12/2010/wll