40 Reptiles and Batrachians of Franklin County, Ind.


By Edward Hughes.

In presenting the following list of reptiles and batrachians, I do not pretend to give all the species that may occur in the county, but as the title implies, a start or foundation upon which to work in the future. It is our purpose to revise this list each year and add to it any species not named in it that is found in the county.
No one having made a special study of the lower vertebrates in this section, I have found it exceedingly difficult to obtain notes or specimens suitable to my purpose. Messrs. A. W. Butler and E. R. Quick have done something in this line, however, and to them I am indebted for some very valuable notes and specimens.
Nothing will be given in this list except those species known to have been taken in the county.

Order TESTUDINATA. (The Turtles.)

Family EMYDIDÆ. (The Pond Turtles.)
CISTUDO Fleming. Box Turtles.

C. carolina Linnæus. Common Box Turtle.
This species is quite common in the county. It is mostly found in in dry, dense woods. Terrestrial.

CHRYSEMYS Gray. Painted Turtles.

C. picta (Herm.). Agassiz. Painted Turtle; Mud Turtle.
Common, very pretty.
C. marginata Agassiz.
Not common in the county.

MALACOCLEMMYS Gray. Marsh Turtles.

M. lesueuri (Gray) True. LeSueur's Map Turtle.
I have only seen one specimen of this turtle from our county. It was taken by A. W. Butler in 1884 and donated to the Society of Natural History.

Reptiles and Batrachians of Franklin County, Ind. 41

Family CINOSTERNIDÆ. (The Cinosternoid Turtles.)
AROMOCHELYS Gray. Musk Turtles.

A. odoratus (Latreille) Gray. Musk Turtle; Stink-pot.
Not common, but occasionally met with in the county.

Family CHELYDRIDÆ. (The Snapping Turtles.)
CHELYDRA Schweigger. Snapping Turtles.

C. serpentina (Linnæus) Schweigger. Common Snapping Turtle.
Common in all sluggish streams and ponds.

Family TRIONYCHIDÆ. (The Soft-Shelled Turtles.)
ASPIDONECTES Wagler. Soft-Shelled Turtles.

A. spinifer (LeSueur) Agassiz. Common Soft-Shelled Turtle.
Very common.

Order LACERTILIA. (The Lizards.)
Family IGUANIDÆ. (The Iguanas.)
SCELOPORUS Wiegmann. Tree Swifts.

S. undulatus (Harlan). Pine-Tree Lizard. Brown Swift.
Abundant. It may be seen any warm day in summer, sunning itself on the fences. I have seen it frequently in town. Harmless.

Family TEIDÆ. (The Teguexins.)
CNEMIDOPHORUS Wiegmann. Taraguiras.

C. sexlineatus (Linnæus). Six-lined Lizard.
I have only seen one specimen of this lizard from the county.

Family SCINCIDÆ. (The Skinks.)
EUMECES Wiegmann. Blue Tails.

E. fasciatus (Linnæus). Blue-tailed lizard; Blue-tailed Skink.
Not common, but several specimens have been taken in the county.

Order OPHIDIA. (The Serpents.)
Family COLUBRIDÆ. (The Colubrine Snakes.)
HETERODON Beauvais. Spreading Adders.

H. ptatyrhinus Latreille. Blowing Viper; Hog-nose Snake.
Rather common, but not so common as the next named species.
H. simus (Linnæus) Holbrook. Sand Viper.
Differs very little from the above, except in the arrangement of dorsal blotches. Very common. Harmless.

42 Reptiles and Batrachians of Franklin County, Ind.

TROPIDONOTUS Kuhl. Water Snakes.

T. sipedon (Linnæus) Holbrook. Water Snake; Water Adder.
Very common along all our streams.
T. leberis (Linnæus) Holbrook. Leather Snake.
Also very common.

ENTÆNIA Baird & Girard. Garter Snakes.

E. sirtalis (Linnæus) Baird & Girard. Common Garter Snake.
Common everywhere. Harmless.

BASCANIUM Baird & Girard. Black Snakes.

B. constrictor (Linnæus) Baird & Girard. Black Snake.
Common. It is frequently found about the barns and outhouses on the farm, and does great service in destroying rats and other obnoxious animals.

COLUBER Linnæus. Racers.

C. guttatus (Linnæus) Spotted Racer.
Only one specimen of this snake has been taken in the county. That one was taken by E. R. Quick, just south of town, in September of 1885. It is very beautifully colored, and, like the balance of the racers, is perfectly harmless.
C. obsoletus Say. Pilot Snake; Blue Racer.
Common. Most frequently found in meadows. It is very swift in its movements, and, like the black snake, should be protected.
C. emoryi (Baird & Girard) Cope. Emory's Racer.
Only one specimen of this snake has been taken in the county. It was taken by myself about two years ago on a hill west of Brookville, and is now in the collection of the Society of Natural History.

DIADOPHIS Baird & Girard. Ring-necked Snakes.

D. punctatus (Linnæus) Baird & Girard. Ring-necked Snake.
One speciment only has been taken in the county. That one was taken by Mr. Frank Fogle about two years ago. It is a very pretty little snake, and resembles the young of Bascanium constrictor in size and color.

OPHIBOLUS Baird & Girard. King Snakes.

O. doliatus var. triangulus (Boie.) Cope. Milk Snake; House Snake; Spotted Adder.

Reptiles and Batrachians of Franklin County, Ind. 43

Family CROTALIDÆ. (The Crotalid Snakes.)
CROTALUS Linnæus. Rattlesnakes.

C. horridus Linnæus. Banded, or Northern Rattlesnake.
Probably extinct in the county now, but quite common in the early settlement of the county.

ANCISTRODON Beauvais. Copperheads.

A. contortrix (Linnæus) Baird & Girard. Copperhead.
This species is also probably extinct. It is reported frequently, but on examination the specimens prove to be Heterodons.

BATRACHIA. (The Batrachians.)
Order ANURA. (The Tailless Batrachians.)
Family RANIDÆ. (The Frogs.)
RANA Linnæus. Frogs.

R. virescens Kalm. Leopard Frog; Common Frog.
Very common in all localities.
R. palustris LeConte. Pickerel Frog.
Not common.
R. clamitans Merrem. Green Frog; Spring Frog.
Not common, but several specimens have been taken in the county.
R. catesbiana Shaw. Bull Frog.
Common in one or two localities only.
R. sylvatica LeConte. Wood Frog.
Common in the upland woods; not aquatic.

Family HYLIDÆ. (The Tree Frogs.)
HYLA Laurenti. Tree Frogs.

H. versicolor LeConte. Common Tree Toad.

ACRIS Dumeril & Bibron. Cricket Frogs.

A. gryllus var. crepitans (Baird) Cope. Cricket Frog.
Rather common.

Family BUFONIDÆ. (The Toads.)
BUFO Laurenti. Toads.

B. lentiginosus Shaw. American Toad; Common Toad.

44 Reptiles and Batrachians of Franklin County, Ind.

Order URODELA. (The Salamanders.)
Family SALAMANDRIDÆ. (The Newts.)
DIEMYCTYLUS Rafinesque. Spotted Newts.

D. viredescens Rafinesque. Spotted Triton; Newt.
Very common.

Family DESMOGNATHIDÆ. (The Desmognaths.)
DESMOGNATHUS Baird. Dusky Salamander.

D. fusca (Rafinesque) Baird. Dusky Salamander.
Most common species in the county.

Family PLETHODONTIDÆ. (The American Salamanders.)
HEMIDACTYLIUM Tschudi. Four-toed Salamanders.

H. scutatum (Schlegel) Tschudi. Four-toed Salamander.
I have never taken this Salamander in the county myself, but Mr. E. R. Quick informs me that in one or two localities they are not uncommon.

PLETHODON Tschudi. Plethodonts.

P. erythronotus (Green) Baird. Red-backed Salamander.

SPELERPES Rafinesque. Cave Salamander.

S. bilineatus (Green) Baird. Two-striped Salamander.
Several specimens of this Salamander have been taken in the county.
S. longicaudus (Green) Baird. Cave Salamander.
Mr. E. R. Quick is the only one I know who has taken the Cave Salamander in the county. He informs me that in one locality, about two and a half miles from town, they are common, but that he has never taken them from any other locality.

Family AMBLYSTOMIDÆ. (The Amblystomas.)
AMBLYSTOMA Tschudi. Big Salamanders.

A. punctatum (Linnæus) Baird. Large Spotted Salamander.
Not common; one specimen furnished me by E. R. Quick.

Family MENOPOMIDÆ. (The Menopomes.)
CRYPTOBRANCHUS Leuckart. Hellbenders.

C. alleghaniensis Harlan. Hellbender; Big Water Lizard.
I have never seen the Hellbender in the county myself, but put it in this list on the authority of Mr. E. R. Quick.

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The Flora of Franklin County. -- Endogens. 45

Order PROTEIDA. (The Proteans.)
Family PROTEIDÆ. (The Mud Puppies.)
NECTURUS Rafinesque. Mud Puppies.

N. maculatus Rafinesque. Menobranchus; Mud Puppy; Water Dog.
Not unfrequently taken in the steams of the county.

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