The Brookville Society of Natural History was founded in February 1881, and published three bulletins. The bulletins contain primary data on the geology and zoology of Franklin County. Several of the authors were graduates of Indiana University.

Amos W. Butler - A.B.1894, A.M. 1900, LL.D 1922.
Barton W. Evermann - 1886
David R. Moore - A.M. 1886.
Oscar M. Meyncke - A.B. 1896.
Jerome McNeill - B.S. 1886.

The Brookville Town - Township Library reports that the society held its last meeting in 1890 or 1891. "Several efforts were made to revive the organization without fruition."

The Indiana University Library's copies of these bulletins have been digitized due to the deterioration of the paper. Transcription is accurate to the printed text including original spellings, typographic errors, etc. Every attempt has been made to replicate the type size relationships, and convey the style of the printed copy within the limitations of HTML.

Bulletin No.1 (1885)

Quick - Stone Mounds on the Whitewater.
Butler - Observations on Faunal Changes.
Meyncke - The Flora of Franklin County -- Exogens.
Grahn - Microscopical Notes.
Moore - Land and Fresh Water Mollusca observed in Franklin County, Indiana.
Moore - Two Hours Among the Fossils of Franklin County, Indiana.

Bulletin No.2 (1886)

Evermann - A List of the Fishes observed in the Vicinity of Brookville, Franklin County, Ind.
Butler - A List of the Birds observed in Franklin County, Ind.
Hughes - Preliminary List of Reptiles and Batrachians of Franklin County.
Meyncke - The Flora of Franklin County -- Endogens.
Moore - Fossil Corals of Franklin County, Ind.

Bulletin No.3 (1888)

McNeill - A List, with brief Description of all the Species, Including one new to Science, of Myriapoda of Franklin Co., Ind.
Quick - Dr. Rufus Haymond.
Quick - Alluvial Terraces.

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