Table of Contents

Jug Rock (Frontispiece)
Introduction pages 5-11
View of the Mouth of the Cave at Indian Springs (plate between p.12-13)
Report pages 13-20
Daviess County pages 20-80
map of daviess coal fields (plate between p.22-23)
Profile and section (plate between p.22-23)
View of the Hotel at Indian Springs (plate between p.80-81)
Martin County pages 81-112
View of the Bath House, Creek &c. at Indian Springs (plate between p.106-107)
French Lick and West Baden Springs pages 112-117
West Baden Springs, Orange Co., Ind. (plate between p.112-113)
Putnam County pages 118-124
Vigo County pages 124-135
Vigo Blast Furnace (plate between p.124-125)
T. S. Hunt on the oil wells of Terre Haute pages 135-137
Vigo Blast Furnace page 137
Brief account of the Geological Formations along the New Albany and St. Louis Railway
pages 137-145
Spencer County pages 145-155
Warrick County pages 155-163
Lafayette Furnace, Clay Co. (plate between p.162-163)
Lafayette Blast Furnace page 163
Western Coal Measures and Indiana Coal pages 164-181
Column No.1: Connected Section of Coal Measures in Indiana,
by Prof. Leo Lesquereux. (plate between p.168-169)
Column No.2: Connected Section of Coal Measures in southern Illinois and western
Kentucky, by Prof. E. T. Cox. (plate between p.168-169)
Column No.3: Connected Section of Coal Measures in Indiana,
by Prof. E. T. Cox. (plate between p.168-169)
Analyses of coals -- Daviess County page 182
Analyses of coals -- Martin, Vigo, and Fountain counties page 183
Analyses of coals in Sullivan and Clay counties page 184
Analyses of coals. -- Spencer, Warrick and Parke counties page 185
Analyses of coals -- Illinois, West Virginia, Colorado Territory page 186
Analyses of iron ores page 187
Geology of Sullivan County, Indiana. by John Collett, pages 189-240
Manual of the Botany of Jefferson Co., by A. H. Young, pages 241-292
Map of Sullivan County.
Map of Daviess and Martin counties.
Index, pages 293-303
Errata, page 304