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Some sample results of a GeoRef Search are shown below. To find these items in the IU Libraries, the title shown in the Source (SO:) field or the Book Title (BK:) field can be searched in IUCAT.

440 results found for: (kw=(indiana and glacia*)) not (pt=abstract) in Multiple Databases
  1. Near-surface mapping using SH-wave and P-wave seismic land-streamer data acquisition in Illinois, U.S.
Pugin, Andre J M; Larson, Timothy H; Sargent, Steven L; McBride, John H; Bexfield, Christopher E, The Leading Edge (Tulsa, OK), vol.23, no.7, pp.677-682, Jul 2004
... A coalition of four Great Lakes states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio), in conjunction with the U.S. Geological Survey, has initiated a program to map this sensitive upper 300-m layer. As part of this effort, the Illinois State Geological ...
Resource Location:
Publication Year: 2004
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aquifer vulnerability | aquifers | aquitards | body waves | boreholes | Cenozoic | More...

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2. Paleozoic glacio-eustatic fingerprints; evidence from third-order sequences in the border delta (Mississippian; Osagean) of Kentucky and Indiana
Richardson, Jeffery G; Ausich, William I, Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences, vol.26, no.4, pp.306-320, 2004
... chemostratigraphic studies indicate the possibility of Gondwanan glaciations during the Early Mississippian ( approximately 354 Ma). The subsequent sea level fall resulted in the Osagean forced regression. This paper proposes evidence for the existence ...
Publisher: Northeastern Science Foundation, Troy, NY, United States (USA)
Publication Year: 2004
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Borden Formation | Brooks Stone Quarry | Carboniferous | deltaic environment | depositional environment | Edwardsville Formation | More...

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  3. Late Wisconsin periglacial environments of the southern margin of the Laurentide ice sheet reconstructed from pollen analyses
Heusser, Linda; Maenza-Gmelch, Terryanne; Lowell, Thomas; Hinnefeld, Rebecca, JQS. Journal of Quaternary Science, vol.17, no.8, pp.773-780, Dec 2002
Full-glacial pollen assemblages from four radiocarbon-dated interstadial deposits in southwestern Ohio and southeastern Indiana imply the presence of herbaceous vegetation (tundra or muskeg with subarctic indicator Selaginella ...
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons for the Quaternary Research Association, Chichester, United Kingdom (GBR)
Publication Year: 2002
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absolute age | Angiospermae | C-14 | carbon | Cenozoic | Coniferales | More...

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