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No. The button only searches for series, it will NOT search for items that are cataloged by their individual title, such as U.S. and State government publications. If the IULINK button does not work, try searching the item by the Book title (BK:). 

The IULINK button only works if the item is cataloged. Since the Geology Library has uncataloged materials, you might want to call or e-mail the Geology Library to find out if it is available in the Geology Library before requesting an item on Interlibrary Loan.

2. Sustainable growth in America's heartland; 3-D geologic maps as the foundation
U. S. Geological Survey Circular, Report: C 1190, 17 pp., 1999
The central Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio constitute one of the most productive and economically important regions in the country--America's heartland. The agriculture, industry, business, recreation, and ecology ...
Resource Location:
Pages: 17 pp.
Publication Year: 1999          

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areal geology | clastic sediments | decision-making | development | earthquakes | glacial features | More...
    This is a government Document. The IULINK button will not work for this title. Search Sustainable growth in America's heartland in IUCAT. The resource location above will link to the full document on the USGS web site.    

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