GeoRef Search Guide

What is GeoRef?

How do I connect to GeoRef?

How do I search GeoRef?

How do Boolean Operators Work?

How do I eliminate GSA, AAPG and AGU Abstracts from my search?

What is a Record and a Field?

What do the tabs at the top of the Search Results Do?

How do I find results in the Library?

What does the IULINK button do?

Does the IULINK button always work?

What if the IUB Libraries do not own an item?

What if no IU Library owns an item?

How do I search GeoRef?

To search in an online index such as GeoRef, a search strategy must be developed from Subject Terms and Boolean Operators.

Subject Terms are words that describe the topic of interest.

Boolean Operators are words that tell the computer how to search for the subject terms.

The Boolean Operators used by GeoRef are:



* (asterisk)


? (question mark)


() (parentheses)



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