Citing Sources & Avoiding Plagiarism

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Whatís the difference between summary and paraphrasing, and what requires citation?

Ethan to his Religious Studies professor: Iím writing my research paper on Jung's attitude toward Catholicism, and I want to summarize the position this 250-page book, Religion and the Spiritual in Carl Jung, by Ann Belford Ulanov, takes on Jungís religious beliefs. Iím not citing directly from the book--I just want to include a sentence or two in my own words. I donít think this counts as paraphrasing, so do I have to cite this?


What should Ethanís professorís response be?

A Summary does not have to be cited, and paraphrasing does.

B This is summary, which requires citation because it is still a version of the original, even if itís much shorter than paraphrasing.

C Summary is putting othersí ideas into your own words, and paraphrasing is not. This is summary and you do not have to cite it.

D Summary indicates common knowledge, and therefore does not require citation. So, this does not require citation.



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