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Using Keywords -  A search for keywords allows for greater flexibility than does a search for subject or author.  You do not need to know specific information, such as an authorís name or a subject heading, to perform a keyword search.

 When you search by keyword, every field will be searched for the term(s) you have entered. Because youíre searching all fields, this type of search will generally return a greater number of records than other, more focused searches, including records that are most likely not relevant to your topic.

 However, keyword searching allows you to combine terms and concepts to retrieve records for the most relevant articles, books, videos etc. You can combine terms using Boolean Operators and nesting.

Boolean Operators allow search terms to be connected to one another in ways that are easily understood by a computer.  They can be used to combine words or terms when you search to make a more specific, more concise search strings.  Take a look at the examples below.  


Example: stereotypes and film will retrieve records that contain both the word stereotype as well as the word film.


Example: movie or film will retrieve records that contain either the word movie or the word film or both of the words.


Example: stereotypes NOT race will retrieve records that contain the word stereotypes only if the word race is not in the record.



Choose the best search for information about the effect of television violence on children.

a. television violence and children
b. television violence or children

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