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Stopwords are commonly used words that will automatically stop a computer keyword search or will be ignored by the search function because they occur too frequently in records. Stopwords are usually listed in the help screens of the database you are using. When constructing a keyword search, choose the most important words.

Example: If you want to find information about "What recent films or movies portray men and women in stereotypical gender or societal roles?

 Your keywords include the following:  films, movies, men, women (try wom?n), stereotypical (try stereotyp$), gender, societal (try societ$), and roles (try role$).
The following words are not important to your search: or, and, in.

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Important words for your topic could be stopwords. For example, in IUCAT the words "United States" are stop words and you cannot use them in a keyword search.

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