The Fine Art of British Bookbinding

THE FABLES OF ESOP, bound by John Plummer John Plummer


Translated out of Frensshe into Englysshe by William Caxton. The Gregynog Press, 1931

220 by 313 by 24 mm.

Bound in orange Niger goatskin with inlays of deep blue, deep green and tan, tooling in blind and gold, lettering in gold. Deep green Niger goatskin doublures, tooled in blind -- the front doublure with the animals from the lower cover, the back doublure with the two smaller animals from the upper cover. Signed in blind on lower doublure.

"I think that binding must serve the book in a functional manner which is part of the whole design. The decoration on the cover should reflect the literary content but not illustrate it; it should also reflect the book as a physical thing within the terms of the material used."
- John Plummer