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The Election of 1860

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[Candidates and Platforms]
Published by Rickey, Mallory & Company, Cincinnati, July 1860.

Figures from left to right:

In upper left hand corner a figure looks out a window titled: Before

Stephen Douglas with one foot through the Cincinnati Platform and the other on the Mason Dixon Line waves two flags: SOUTH. Dred Scott Decision" and NORTH. Unfriendly Legislation.

Lincoln stands on a No Extension of Slavery platform holds tight with his right hand the rope around Douglas' neck which reads: Squatter sovereignty, and brandishes a rail with his left.

John Bell stands on the ground without a platform and has a bell over his head; John C. Breckinridge seated behind him writing New York Ledger; his head is also under the bell.

In the upper right hand corner a figure looks out a window titled: After the Chicago Convention.

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