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Anonymous; published Piccadilly, June 1st 1798

Text from left side to right:

First Directeur: We infringe-Dat be ver good! Indeed Madame Amerique you be ver pretty WOMAN and we should like to give you the hug Fraternale, Begar we do not want to quarrel with you, as a proof, my Brother the grand Directeur's are at this moment take all de care possible of your Baggage-derefore if you will go back and bring a little more of de l'Argent you shall be admit to de honor of de swing, we only ask de favor we never seize on properly [points to sack labeled PRIVATE PLUNDER FOR THE DIRECTORS]

America: America will not have her rights infringed on.

Second Directeur: By gar some of dese fedders vil look vel in de caps of us Legislateurs.

Third and Fourth Directeurs pour plunder from bags marked EXTORTED FROM PORTUGAL and Borrow'd by Force from Switzerland into a bag marked NATIONAL SACK DIPLOMATIC PERQUISITES.

Fifth Directeur: Oui Oui Madame Amerique dis Argument vil connvince you dat all he say be true.


First European: aye they left me nothing but my prayer book and Crown, and striped that of its jewels.

Second European: they'll certainly pluck her to the last feather.

Third European: Yes we know how things will go by Experience.

Fourth European: yaw Mynheer we have been great dupes and there sits John Bull on his Rock laughing at us.

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