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The Tombstone.

Artist: Anonymous. Printed for Mr. Smith, London, 1765.

Text from left side to right:

Britannia: Stamp away Brother. Mind your time. I am at it again.

Earl of Bute: Here we are all alive, O.

America: A little faster.[Anti Sejanus monkey figure] Do as they do.

Demon:Well done OLD ONES. [Standing on book titled: Jeremy Twitcher & Lane for the Gang Stay a little. Shall we dance?

Text under platform: Here lieth the Body of WILLIAM DUKE OF CUMBERLAND & lamented by his Country, which he twice Sav'd. First by overcoming the joint forces of France and S---d, at the Battle of CULLODEN; and after by selecting a MINISTRY, out of those virtuous few, who gloriously withstood GENERAL WARRANTS, AMERICAN STAMPS, EXTENSION OF EXCISE.---&.&.&.

William, Duke of Cumberland, friend and supporter of Pitt and the Rockingham Whigs, died in October, 1765. The cartoon shows him mourned by Britain and America while members of the old Bute ministry rejoice. The devil-like figure in the picture is encouraging Bute and George Grenville, to his left, to "Stamp Away Brother!", a reference to the Grenville-inspired Stamp Act. Some of these same figures reappear in the 1766 cartoon "The Repeal".

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