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The Collections: Special databases

Some materials are not catalogued individually. Some of these materials are listed in online databases. See each database for information on how to request the materials it lists.

Comic books & graphic novels

Search the titles of comic books and graphic novels from the Michael E. Uslan Collection.

Comic books

Search the titles of comic books from the Robert Klein Collection.

Chapbook Collection

Search descriptions of more than 1900 chapbooks. About the collection...

French Revolution Documents

Search 3,362 legal documents relating to the French Revolution of 1789. About the collection...

John Frederick Nims Poetry Library

Search descriptions of 2905 books from the personal library of poet, editor, and scholar John Frederick Nims (1913-1999).

Mechanical puzzles (to search Lilly database, use link below)

Information on the Jerry Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection and the online database documenting the collection.

Jerry Slocum Puzzle Book Collection

Search descriptions of more than 300 books and periodicals about puzzles and puzzle making from the collection of Jerry Slocum.

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