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The Collections: Sheet music: Sam DeVincent Collection of American Sheet Music

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DeVincent collection call number: M1 .D48 + box no. + item no.

The Sam DeVincent Collection of American Sheet Music contains approximately 24,000 pieces of sheet music, songbooks, and folios. It was acquired for the Lilly Library in 1998. Sam DeVincent who, until his death in 1997, hosted a popular radio show on WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana, formed the collection. DeVincent collected sheet music for the artistry of the illustrated covers as well as for the music. In 1988 DeVincent donated a large portion of his collection to the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. The Lilly Library collection contains duplicates of some of the pieces in the Smithsonian collection as well as additional materials DeVincent subsequently acquired.

DeVincent arranged his collection into categories based on either personal names of musicians or performers or on subjects he defined that were as diverse as the American Red Cross and Halloween. The Lilly Library has maintained this arrangement.

The records in the sheet music database include the following information: title from cover, composer, lyricist, arranger, alternative title from inside caption (if different from cover), place of publication, publisher, copyright date, performance medium, first line, first line of chorus or refrain, subject (a DeVincent category), title of larger work (i.e. title of movie, theater production, radio program), genre, performer, artist of illustrated cover, number of copies, and call number.

Copies must have the same publishing information (place of publication, publisher, and copyright date) to be considered copies. They can be exactly alike, or they can vary slightly in the ads. If different performers are pictured, separate records exist in the database. Sheet music that was published as a "Professional copy" or "Artist's copy" also has a separate record in the database.

Search IN Harmony: Sheet Music from Indiana: Lilly Library

To request a piece of sheet music

The complete call number for a title in the database consists of the classification number for the Sam DeVincent Collection American Sheet Music, followed by the box and item number. The call number retrieved in the online search is six digits long: the first three digits are the box number; the second three digits are the item number.


Call # from web search:   017010.

Complete call number:     Lilly
                          Box 017 no. 010

Sheet music may be requested by individual item, box, or category. In any case, patrons in the Lilly Library Reading Room should fill out a request card with the complete call number.

Photocopies of sheet music

Requests for photocopies may be made in person, through our comment form, or directed to All photocopying is done by Lilly Library staff. Photocopying of sheet music not covered by copyright is permitted if it will not damage the item. Photocopying of sheet music covered by copyright is permitted only if it will not damage the item and is for personal research only. Copying of sheet music covered by copyright for any other purpose, including performance, will be done only after permission is granted by the copyright holder.

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