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The Collections: Guide to the Collections: Political Papers

An Exhibition on the Occasion of the Transfer of Public Papers of the Honorable Joseph W. Barr to the Lilly Library.

Lilly Library manuscript collections include the papers of Indiana governors, state legislators, members of Congress, diplomats, and others active in politics. Early Indiana political collections include the papers of Samuel Judah, state legislator in the 1820's and 1830's and Henry Smith Lane, governor, congressman, and U.S. Senator. Collections concerning more recent United States politics include the papers of Charles Fairbanks, U.S. senator and vice-president of the United States under Theodore Roosevelt, Paul V. McNutt, governor of Indiana, 1933-1937, Wendell Willkie, Republican nominee for President in 1940, and Charles Halleck, congressman from Indiana, 1935-1968.

The sidebar includes links to lists of collections and to the searchable database of manuscript collection descriptions.

For information on the collections of Birch Bayh, United States senator, and Lee Hamilton and J. Edward Roush, United States congressmen, see Modern Political Papers.

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