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Puzzle Books by Jerry Slocum

  • Puzzles Old & New: How to Make and Solve Them. (1986). University of Washington Press. 16th Annual Children's Science Book Award, by The New York Academy of Sciences, 1987 Also: Two German editions, Dutch edition, British edition, Japanese edition, Four US reprint editions, Czech Republic edition, 2006
  • New Book of Puzzles: 101 Classic and Modern Puzzles to Make and Solve. (1992). New York: W.H. Freeman. Also German edition, Dutch edition, Japanese edition
  • The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles. (1994). New York: Times Books. Also German edition, Dutch edition, Japanese edition
  • The Puzzle Arcade: For People Who Like Lots of Hints. (1996). Palo Alto, CA: Klutz.
  • Puzzles from Catel's Cabinet and Bestelmeier's Magazine, 1785 to 1823 [PDF]. (1997). Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation.
  • Tricky Optical Illusion Puzzles. (2001). New York: Sterling. Optical Illusions and Other Puzzles, Houtweg, The Netherlands, 1995
  • Swipe This Pencil. (2003). Palo Alto, CA: Klutz.
  • The Tangram Book. (2003). New York: Sterling. Also Russian edition
  • The 15 Puzzle Book. (2006). Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation.
  • The Tao of Tangram. (2007). New York: Sterling.
  • Tangram Master. (2008). New York: Sterling.
  • The Famous 15 Puzzle. (2009). New York: Metro Books.
  • The Cube: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Bestselling Puzzle – Secrets, Stories, Solutions. (2009). New York: Black Dog & Leventhal.

Books Published by Jerry Slocum

  • Compendium of Mechanical Puzzles from Catalogs [PDF]. (1977). Compiled by Jerry Slocum.
  • Ingenious Ring Puzzle Book, Ch'ung-En Yu. (1957). Translation by Yenna Wu, Jerry Slocum, (1981).
  • Checkerboard Compendium. (1997). 3rd Edition, Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation. [1st Edition 1983; 2nd Edition 1993]
  • Directory of Puzzle Collectors. (2003). 5th Edition, Beverly Hills, CA: Slocum Puzzle Foundation. [1st Edition 1992; 2nd Edition 1994; 3rd Edition 1997; 4th Edition, 2000]
  • With Dieter Gebhardt, Jack Botermans, Harold Raizer, & Dic Sonneveld. (2012). The Anchor Puzzle Book: The Amazing Stories of More Than 50 New Puzzles Made of Stone. [PDF] Beverly Hills, Calif.: Slocum Puzzle Foundation.

Book Articles about Jerry Slocum

  • Tuchman & Brenner. (1994). Jerry Slocum, Aerospace Engineer. Magnificent Obsessions: Twenty Remarkable Collectors in Pursuit of Their Dreams (pp. 74–81). San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

Book Articles by Jerry Slocum

  • Early Japanese Export Puzzles: 1860s to 1960s [PDF]. In D. Wolfe & T. Rodgers, (2002), Puzzlers' Tribute: A Feast for the Mind (pp. 257–272). Natick, MA: A.K. Peters.
  • Nob Yoshigahara. In B. Cipra, et al. (2005), Tribute to a MatheMagiCian (pp. xxi–xxxi). Wellesley, MA: A.K. Peters.
  • Mongolian Interlocking Puzzles [PDF]. In B. Cipra, et al. (2005), Tribute to a MatheMagiCian (pp. 11–20). Wellesley, MA: A.K. Peters.
  • Tangram: The World's First Puzzle Craze. In E.D. Demaine, M.L. Demaine & T. Rodgers (2008), A Lifetime of Puzzles: Honoring Martin Gardner (pp. 59–76). Wellesley, MA: A.K. Peters.
  • Sam Loyd's Most Successful Hoax [PDF]. In E. Pegg, A.H. Schoen & T. Rodgers, (2009), Homage to a Pied Puzzler (pp. 3–21). Wellesley, MA: A.K. Peters.

Periodical Articles about Slocum & his Puzzles

Periodical Articles by Jerry Slocum

  • Making and Solving Puzzles [PDF]. (October 1955). Science and Mechanics Magazine, pp. Cover, 121–126.
  • Eulogy: Edward Horndern [PDF] (May 24, 2000).
  • Introducing Mechanical Puzzles. Game & Puzzles Quarterly.
  • An Old German Tangram Mystery is Cleared Up. (July 2003). Cubism For Fun, pp. 4–7.
  • Japanese Puzzle Boxes [PDF]. (September 2003). Southeastern Antiquing & Collecting, pp. Cover, 46, 47.
  • Sliding Block Puzzles with Letter Swap Tricks. (November 2003). Cubism For Fun, pp. 12–16.
  • Sliding Block Tricks with Swap–Trick Pictures. (March 2004). Cubism For Fun, pp. 8–11.
  • Eulogy: To Takako [PDF] (July 2004).
  • Vienna Tangram Variations 1818–1820. (July 2004). Cubism For Fun, pp. 16–18.
  • Coffin, S.T. & Slocum, J. (November 2004). What's New in Polyomino Puzzles and their Design [PDF]. Cubism For Fun, pp. 18–23.
  • Old German Embarassment Tangrams. (March 2005). Cubism For Fun, pp. 26–31.

Exhibition Catalog Articles by Jerry Slocum

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